Trading post value analysis - Celestial Rift week 8

He got held up a little on the way here, but he’s back, our old friend Reginald has some new offers for us to consider. And some rubbish to try and rip us off with too.

Day 5 analysis

  • Firey elite sword for 400 sigils That’s new, elite gear in the trading post. It’s hard to put a price on it, best I can do is look at shards from rider lines, because atlas sources are hard to compare. The cost for crafting a piece of elite gear average to 105k shards, which in the rider lines cost about 600 sigils. So from that perspective 400 sigils is a pretty decent price. I think this is probably a pretty good one to pick up for players without atlas. Players with atlas probably won’t have too much trouble getting 105k shards, so for them it’s just the time saving.
  • 200% xp boosts x10 + XP potions x10 for 120 sigils Same offer as last time, not terrible but also not very impressive. With their extremely limited shelf life and easy availability I can’t really put much value on the potions. All in all I’d still pass on these and just do a few more dragon quests.
  • Ice Crafting Shards x4500 for Wind Crafting Shards x5000 A reasonable conversion rate if you have too many wind shards and need ice shards. It’s a pity the quantities are pretty low again.
  • Gold chests x8 for 300 sigils This is an excellent deal! This is basically 3200 rubies worth of golds for less than half that value in rubies. Go get them!
  • Rune dust x500k for 100 sigils Not as good as the rune dust we had in the exotic line (which had 7000k for 1000 sigils, so half the cost) but it’s closer to it than the last trading post. It’s still decent if you need rune dust, but no need to stockpile it.

earlier days

Day 4

Day 4 analysis

  • Rubies x1000 for 200 sigils * You can buy 200 sigils for about 850 rubies with super sigils, so if you do have a ton of spare sigils lying around that you won’t need until the last weeks of the season (or not at all for this season) these give a small profit.
  • Lumber pack x10 for 50 sigils Lol no.
  • 3h timers x15 for 50 sigils Slightly worse than yesterday’s deal (3 hours more for the same sigils), and that one was so-so. You could take it if you’re really short on timers, but not really worth it otherwise.
  • Elemental embers x200 for 250 black pearls Unless you’re still saving hard to get your perches to level 31 for baseline functioning, this is a fine deal. Excess black pearls have zero use, embers are always good to have.
  • 50 chisels for 250 sigils This is a decent price, same as last time, and the same cost per chisel as we saw in the exotic rune lines. Worth it if you need any chisels.
Day 3

Day 3 analysis

  • Mythic rage rune (ammo secondary) for 2500 sigils This is an excellent rune for hunters, however the price is pretty steep. We saw this same rune in souldance for 1500 sigils which was a fair deal. At this cost it’s still interesting, but it depends a bit more on how much you really want one.
  • 12h timers x12 for 150 sigils Nowhere near as good as yesterday’s deal, that was 8 days per 100 sigils, this is 4 days per 100 sigils. It’s still a very reasonable price, and useful to get if timers are your main bottleneck, but not a must-buy deal.
  • Empyrean research egg for 750 sigils New thing! Empyrean eggs cost about 14.5k tokens to breed. Looking at the ruby cost of grinding, these would cost about 1200 sigils worth of rubies to ruby-grind even at maximum efficiency, so if you’re in the market for empyrean research it’s quite a discount. Only downside is you don’t get the breeding event points for it of course, but the price is good.
  • Emerald research egg for 350 sigils These cost about 5.5k to make yourself, which is about 440 sigils worth of rubies to grind at max efficiency. So still a decent price, also because it saves a bunch of grinding time, but not as good as the empyrean ones. Could be worth getting if you need the eggs, and don’t feel like grinding and don’t have the tokens.
  • Platinum research eggs x2 for 150 sigils Platinum is a tier where regular breeding will get you a huge surplus of eggs, and there’s not that much platinum research worth getting. The price is also higher than the grinding cost for these so I’d advice to skip.
Day 2

Day 2 analysis

  • Platinum chests x5 for 350 sigils Excellent deal! The average sigil drops from these alone almost pay for them, and with other drops taken into account this is a must have. Plat chests are higher rng but at this price they’re a must buy.
  • 48h timers x20 for 500 sigils This is a very good deal. 500 sigils is equivalent to about 2400 rubies, which buys you 6 gold chests, which have about 6 days of timers. Gold chests have other stuff of course, but I’d say timers are at least 1/4th of the value of golds, probably closer to 1/2 at late game stages. And this is offering 40 days. I’d say get all you can afford.
  • Energy packs x15 and Dragon HP x300 for 250 sigils Looking at the energy alone, these are fairly expensive. And while there are a ton of dragon hp boosts in there I don’t think a lot of people actually need those. Not totally terrible, but not really worth in unless you really need the boosts too.
  • Earth Crafting Shards x9k for Fire Crafting Shards x10k A reasonably conversion rate if you have too many fire shards and need earth shards. And the quantities are actually big enough to do a few upgrades too.
  • Egg Tokens x850 for 100 sigils A fair deal, but not a must have. Slightly more expensive than ruby-farming missions, but also a lot more convenient. Worth considering if you’re short on egg tokens.
Day 1

Day 1 analysis

  • Legendary Hunter Attack Rune for 200 sigils This rune has +3% hunter attack and +2.5% dark flak resist. A very uninteresting rune, almost any legendary rune from a random divine will be better than this. I would advice skipping this one.
  • Bronze chest x5 and silver chest x5 for 5000 fire turret shards Fire shards aren’t worth much these days, but 5 bronze and silver chests is really nothing at all. I’d rather hang on to these until a better offer comes.
  • Thunderstorm x10 and rejuvenate x10 for 100 sigils Both spells are pretty useless on most dragons, so I don’t think many will need these. The price is reasonable if for some reason you do need this, but I would pass.
  • Food pack x20 for 100 sigils Lol no
  • Mystic fragments x10 for 250 sigils These are worth 1700-2000 tokens for endgame dragons, which isn’t amazing for the sigils. You could consider these if you’re breeding endgame dragons right now and are really short on tokens and fragments. For anyone not at endgame and still breeding discounted levels I’d avoid these.

So nothing good today :weary:

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Yea pretty disappointed, but I always burn the shards

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Reg is being stingy today. Perhaps he’s bitter that he had to wait a week to open shop. Hopefully he pulls the stick from his butt and decides to be more generous later this week. I’ve allotted myself 15k sigils to give to him if he makes it worthwhile.


Tater tot alarm: Set!


No fun for tater until i got the sequence :hocho:


Tbh, I morrien while it seems useless I always seem to buy 1 food pack for Regi, no way I would buy multiple. But at only 100 sigils it’s not that horrid.
But I can understand it isn’t really a good deal compared to literally anything else he sells. It has helped me out when I am in a rush and can’t farm sometimes.

Tater tot finally stopped slacking

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Meh the rune is good for collectors

I’m crossing my fingers for exotic poison striker :crossed_fingers:


I’m preying for Dracs by Saturday that or Sunday

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wow this day’s deal is amazing. 350 sigils for 5 plat chests and 500 sigils for x20 48h timers, alike souldance’s week 7 trading post offers

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Day 2 is up. Reginald brought out the good stuff, platinums are the best offer we’ve had for them yet, and the timers haven’t been this good since fall season either. Time to burn sigils…


Let me open my chests, I like them all! Reginald can have my sigils!

I need more sigils :crazy_face:
Thanks for your always helpful insight :pray:

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Can you please break down the token deal that is “slightly more expensive than farming with rubies”? I’d like to know if the cost is worth my time, very literally as it saves time farming.

Thank you~

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That’s more like it Reg, keep the deals like this coming



100 sigils (in super sigil week) = 416 rubies
850 tokens grinding (elite, +125% boost, 1h missions only) = 283 rubies
850 tokens grinding (elite, +100% boost, 1h+4h missions) = 405 rubies


So if I’m just grinding 1-4h mission as an elite and 100% token boost holder, that’s 11 puny rubies more expensive for 5-10 minutes of background autopilot farming depending on how annoying my missions are? SOLD.


Morreion, really appreciate all the effort you put into this and the Neon website. So helpful and really makes the game more fun for me.