Trading post value analysis - Eclipse week 12

It’s that time of the season again, where good ol’ Reg drops by and delights us with his interesting wares.
Or… does he try to peddle us some cheap knockoffs? Find out here.

Day 5 analysis

  • 12 timers x10 for 200 sigils 200 sigils is about 800 rubies worth, so about 2 gold chests. Alternatively it’s worth 1.6 draconic chests if bought from the festive line. Those contain about 2 days and about 4 days respectively, making this a pretty weak offer. If you only want timers and really nothing else AND aren’t getting (or maxing) draconics, then maybe, but probably just pass.

  • Lumber pack x10 for 50 sigils Lol no

  • Elemental embers x350 for 600 electrum bars This seems like a bad deal. Electrum bars are higher value (based on their transformation valuing) so you lose more than half the value, not a fair conversion. Pass.

  • Rubies x900 for 300 sigils Pretty terrible deal. 300 sigils cost about 1250 rubies to get from super sigils, I can’t really think of any reason why anyone would get these.

  • Chisels x50 for 250 sigils This is a decent price, same as last time, and the same cost per chisel as we saw in the exotic rune lines. Worth it if you need any chisels.

Day 4

Day 4 analysis

  • Mythic Lightning Striker Glyph for 5000 sigils With 35% supershot damage and 5% attack this is an amazing rune for anyone with a lightning island, much better than the exotic lightning attack glyph. It also hasn’t appeared in years until now. That said, 5k sigils is quite the extortionate pricing, equal the the whole -line- cost of the first exotic runes, and more than any rune has ever cost before. If you have enough sigils lying around and are running a lightning island this is worth getting but that cost does hurt.

  • Defensive Gunpowder x100 for 150 sigils Same cost as last time. It’s very cheap compared to buying in the forge, but I still don’t think I’ve ever met anyone running low on these, any long time player will have thousands more of these than shields and hammers, most likely.

  • Cloak x10 and death gaze x10 for 100 sigils These are useful spells, and if you do need them it’s cheaper than buying them outright (which would be 800 rubies), but at 450 rubies worth of sigils it’s not a massive bargain. I guess it’s a decent enough deal if you regularly run out of both these spells.

  • Energy packs x15 and dragon hp boost x300 for 250 sigils Not a very good deal. I’d pass on this unless you really need the dragon boosts for some reason.

  • Fire crafting shards x10000 for 11500 wind crafting shards Fair element-conversion trade, and the quantities are going up to the nearly-useful range. Useful to get if you’re short on fire and have wind lying around.

Day 3

Day 3 analysis

  • Legendary Rune of Wisdom This is the one with +100% xp and +2% dragon attack. Very useful to have on hand, as 35 chisels allow you to move it to help speed up leveling big dragons. Worth the 350 sigils if you don’t have one already.

  • Wood boost x20 for 100 sigils Lol no

  • 3h timers x5 for 600 fire shards Interesting it went up a little in cost compared to last time, but still seems like a good place to dump some excess shards for something more useful. Worth getting, even if quantities are small.

  • Gold chests x5 for 250 sigils Quite a good deal, slightly worse than the platinums but still easily worth getting. These would cost you 2000 rubies buying direct, and only cost about 1050 rubies worth of super sigils here (based on averages). I’d get these.

  • Inner fire x8 for 100 sigils About 5 golds worth of inners, and the ruby cost of about 1 gold chest. Considering inners are a pretty small part of the value of a gold chests this seems a little too expensive to me. It’s not insanely overpriced if you really needs inners badly, but I would still pass on this one.

Day 2

Day 2 analysis

  • Dark crafting shards x4750 for 5500 earth crafting shards Fair element-conversion trade, but unfortunately still such small quantities they won’t matter. At least the number is sloooowly creeping up, but could go a lot faster…

  • 48h timers x5 for 250 sigils 250 sigils is about 1200 rubies worth, so about 3 gold chests. Alternatively it’s worth 2 draconic chests if bought from the festive line. Those contain about 3 days and about 5 days respectively, making this a reasonable offer, but not a massive bargain. If you’re not getting draconics, or maxing out on them, this might be a decent buy for you.

  • Inner fire x20 and Dragon attack boost x400 for 300 sigils Looking at the inners alone, it’s not a great deal. 20 inners is about 12 gold chests’ worth, and it’s only a relatively small part of the value you get from those golds. And the cost is equivalent to about 5 gold chests, which is really too high for just the inners. The number of attack boosts is impressive, but most players will have a lifetime supply of them already, making it hard to put any value on them. If for any reason you are low on attack boosts though, this is a good way to load them up fast. I’d say don’t buy this unless you actually need dragon attack boosts.

  • 200% xp boosts x10 + XP potions x10 for 120 sigils Better offer than last time, but still not very impressive. And with their extremely limited shelf life and easy availability I can’t really put much value on the potions. All in all I’d still pass on these and just do a few more quests.

  • Platinum chests x5 for 600 sigils A lot more expensive than last trading post, when we got the same amount for 375 sigils. That said, it’s still a pretty good deal. Platinums are equivalent to 3 golds in fort each, making them notably better than draconics. And these are about the same price as draconics in the festive line. Alternatively, 5k rubies in super sigils will get you 10 platinums here, which normally cost 12k rubies. I recommend getting these if you have the sigils to spare.

Day 1

Day 1 analysis

  • Mythic Hunter HP rune for 1500 sigils Has 5% HP and 5.4% rage at max level. Pretty decent but not amazing. A reasonable price if this is a rune you have use for.

  • Bronze chest x5 and silver chest x5 for 5000 ice turret shards Ice shards aren’t worth much these days, but 5 bronze and silver chests is really nothing at all. I’d rather hang on to these until a better offer comes.

  • Food pack x20 for 100 sigils Lol no

  • Mystic fragments x20 for 500 sigils These are worth 3600-4000 tokens for endgame dragons, which isn’t amazing for the sigils. You could consider these if you’re breeding endgame dragons right now and are really short on tokens and fragments. For anyone not at endgame and still breeding discounted levels I’d avoid these.

  • Rune dust x350k for 100 sigils Not as good as the rune dust we had in the exotic line (which had 7000k for 1000 sigils, so half the cost). It’s still half decent if you need rune dust, but no need to stockpile it.


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I had Ice frags for bronze chests :joy:

thanks for the info i had a feeling this time there was nothing to get

Is that a typo?

7000K means 7,000,000.


No. 7000k is basically 7M, but 7000k and 350k are easier to compare without converting units.


Oh now I get it 700k is what I read it as since 7 M isn’t actually 7000k units in this game it has an M not a K

I see how that could be confusing if you’re not used to working in metric, but yes 7000k = 7M = 7000000


so, day one analysis, Nothing! :upside_down_face:

Nice plat chests, unsure about the timers though🤔

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Hey no peeking ahead! :joy:


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Haha, how many timers are in 10 drac chests on average? :eyes::see_no_evil::rofl:

200 days for 5k sigil doesn’t really sound like too bad an idea, definitely better than anything you can get from seasonal lines.

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Timers seem like a good deal if you have the spare sigils, plats seem pretty crappy for only 25. Not sure if I’ll do the timers or hold out in hopes of something better


Finally updated with day 2 :grin:


Thanks, Looks I’m passing on the timers. Rather get draconics, will be close to maxing them

28 days, if you haven’t maxed Hueso and Nebulon yet.

Depends on where you are, prize 51 and 52 in the electrum line give you 130 days for 1800 sigils… But in general I agree.