Trading post value analysis - Souldance week 12

It’s that time again, where the amiable but sometimes very deluded Reginald offers us his wares. And with super sigil chests available too, they’re easier to get too.

Day 5 analysis

  • Mythic hunter attack glyph (secondary HP) for 1500 sigils Not a bad glyph, comparable to using a glyph from an older seasonal dragon (this is +6%/+3%, while old seasonals are +8%/+0%), but not really better. If you have plenty of old hunter glyphs laying around anyway, probably skip this. If you only have a few, this might be a nice addition at a quite reasonable price.

  • 48h timers x5 for 250 sigils 250 sigils is about 1200 rubies worth, so about 3 gold chests. Alternatively it’s worth 2 draconic chests if bought from Hueso’s line. Those contain about 3 days and about 5 days respectively, making this a reasonable offer, but not a massive bargain. Especially if you’ve done Hueso, you might be better off with getting draconics from there. If not, and you need timers a lot, this might be a decent buy for you.

  • Elemental embers x250 for 500 black pearls This is not the best conversion rate ever, if you look at the value based on legendary drop size. However, as long as you have your perches high enough to get a mythic warrior on, there’s little use in stockpiling pearls since you can only build so much pearls and by the time you have enough timers and embers to need a second you’ll have more than enough pearls too. So unless you’re actually short on pearls somehow I’d say take this.

  • 200% xp boosts x15 + XP potions x15 for 200 sigils Less boosts for more sigils, compared to day 3, and with their extremely limited shelf life I can’t really put much value on the potions. All in all I’d pass on these.

  • Mystic fragments x20 for 500 sigils These are worth 3600-4000 tokens for endgame dragons, making it a slightly better deal than the day 2 egg tokens, but still not great. You could consider these if you’re breeding endgame dragons right now and are really short on tokens and fragments. For anyone not at endgame and still breeding discounted levels I’d avoid these.

Day 4

Day 4 analysis

  • Chisels x50 for 250 sigils This is a decent price, same as last time, and the same cost per chisel as we saw in the exotic rune line last summer (100 for 500 sigils), and much better than the rune lines we had early this season. Worth it if you need any chisels.

  • Defense armor x40 for 100 sigils Like the swords in day 1, I can’t really imagine anyone needing these. For some reason they are also nearly twice as expensive as swords. They’re cheaper than the forge, and cheaper than last time, but I can’t really imagine why you’d buy these.

  • 12h speedups x10 for 200 sigils This one is not very good, about 900 rubies worth for 5 days, it’s still better than the forge speedup pack (which is 310 rubies per day). Also draconic chests from Hueso’s line will get you more timers per sigil, even ignoring all the other drops.

  • Fire crafting shards x3750 for 4000 ice shards Fair element-conversion trade, but unfortunately still such small quantities they won’t matter, barely enough for a single gear upgrade.

  • Rubies x900 for 300 sigils 300 sigils will cost ~1250 rubies in super sigils, so it’s not effective in that sense. You can use it to convert some sigils into future-season resources this way, but dragonic chests are a much more effective way to do that. Pass.

Day 3

Day 3 analysis

  • Legendary rage glyph (HP secondary) for 300 sigils Good rune for a decent price. If you’re not drowning in legendary rage glyphs already it’s definitely a nice one to pick up.

  • Silver chest x5 and bronze chest x5 for 5000 fire shards Like last time, it’s kind of a terrible deal, it takes 45 gold chests in fort to gather those fire shards, so a few silver and bronze chests are really a pittance. On the other hand, if you never ever plan to build a fire turret again and you have those shards, the chests are still worth more. Passing on it myself since 10 bronze chests really don’t mean anything to me, and maybe maybe there will be a better offer in the future (like yesterday’s timers).

  • Egg tokens x1000 and mystic fragments x6 for 500 sigils This one is pretty weak, much lower value than yesterday’s egg tokens, which were already not spectacular. I’d pass.

  • Large food pack x20 for 100 sigils Personally I don’t think I’d ever spend sigils on just feeding dragons, but it is pretty cheap for ~10 levels worth of food I guess. Still passing myself.

  • +200% xp boost x20 for 150 sigils Slightly less good than x40 for 150 last time, but still decent if you’re somehow still short on these.

Day 2

Day 2 analysis

  • 3 hr timer x6 for 600 ice shards Yes please. The cost is 20% of a legendary drop, the return is 12% of a legendary drop, but of a massively more useful resource. Only wish the quantities were bigger.

  • Summon Warrior x15 + Invincibility Shield x15 for 100 sigils 50% more than last time for the same cost. These are useful spells, and if you do need them it’s cheaper than buying them outright (which would be 1200 rubies), so at 450 rubies worth of sigils it’s a decent discount. Fair deal if you regularly run out of these spells.

  • Inner Fire x8 for 100 sigils Half the cost of last time, making it a bit more interesting. 8 inners is what you get from 5 gold chests in pvp on average, and it’s only a relatively small part of the value you get from those golds. And the cost is equivalent to about 1.5 gold chests, which is still a bit higher than it should be to make this worth getting, in my opinion.

  • Egg Token x600 for 100 sigils Less value than last time (750 tokens for the same cost). It was already more expensive than grinding before, and the price hike kind of pushes these into the not-really-worth-it category. It’s not crazy to get them anyway, but it’s not a great deal.

  • Gold chest x5 for 250 sigils Good value. The 250 sigils cost about 1100 rubies to get with super sigils, and those chests would cost 2000 rubies when bought directly, so very little reason not to get these.

Day 1

Day 1 analysis

Without further ado, lets dive into day one:

  • Platinum chests x5 for 600 sigils Not nearly as good as the offer in week 7, but it’s still interesting. You will still get about half your sigils back in average drops, but it’s not as much of a freebie. Compared to buying draconics in Hueso’s line (4 chests for 500 sigils) they do significantly better. 5 platinums are worth about the same as 15 golds (40 sigils per gold-equivalent), while 4 dragons are worth about 8 golds (62 sigils per gold equivalent) so even if you don’t really need the building mats the platinums still look pretty strong.

  • Defense Gunpowder x100 for 150 sigils Cheaper than last time (was 200 sigils for the same amount). It’s very cheap compared to buying in the forge, but I still don’t think I’ve ever met anyone running low on these, any long time player will have thousands more of these than shields and hammers, most likely.

  • Earth shards x1750 for 2000 wind shards Fair element-conversion trade, but unfortunately still such small quantities they won’t matter, not even enough for a single gear upgrade.

  • Legendary Dragon HP Rune (rage secondary) for 200 sigils Cheap, and a an OK universally usable rune. The HP component is pretty weak, most legendary runes from old divines are better, but with a rage secondary it’s still pretty decent, although I’d likely go for a legendary rage rune over this.

  • Rune dust x350k for 100 sigils Not as good as last time, when you got 500k for the same price. Also not as good as the rune dust we had in the exotic line (which had 7000k for 1000 sigils, so half the cost). It’s still half decent if you need rune dust, but no need to stockpile it.


Yay for analysis! :laughing:


Thank you so much for taking the time to write these up every time! :hugs:

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Thanks so much for this!

Thanks as always Morreion :pray:

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Day two looking good! Ice shards for timers is awesome! :heart_eyes: Gold chests seem solid, but gonna wait for the great wise one to do the math for me lol


Day two is up


Just spent all the ice shards I could. They need to take off that 5 time purchase limit. :joy:


Yes I would have gone for a 500x without any compunctions :joy:



So if I’m correct this gold deal is slightly better than the draconic chests by the end of hueso line right?



The gold chests are a bit disappointing though as you’re getting 15 less than we got last time. Reginald is getting stingy

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@Morreion hurry up and pull your finger out. Jeez. Day 3 started 4 mins ago.


Looks meh, fire shard trade is good…but other than that, to me, only thing worth anything are food packs and the xp boosts…if you missed them a season ago or two

Back to your cage!

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I’m taking the rage glyph.
I believe the egg/frag is a good deal if you’re lazy but I don’t know how to math. Looked at again, I don’t think it is all that good due to the sigil cost.
Chests aren’t even that good a deal lol. I’ll save my shreds in hope of a better trade

Food packs maybe, XP boosts not so much.

I have so many XP boosts now that I’m considering flying with them on experted dragons (not really, but I do pretty much fly with one on my my non expected dragons all the time)

Again depends if you got them in previous seasons. Some haven’t seen them so it wouldn’t be a bad deal. 4-500 rubies per 20 I think doing some rough math wait that’s the 100s lol guess ya can’t forge 200s :sweat_smile::man_shrugging:t2: