Trading post value analysis - Souldance week 7

Thought I’d make this into a new thread to make it easier to find. I’ll update the top post daily with new info.

Day 5 analysis

  • Platinum chests x5 for 375 sigils Excellent deal! The average sigil drops from these alone almost pay for them, and with other drops taken into account this is a must have. Even better value than yesterday’s golds. Plat chests are higher rng but at this price they’re a must buy.

  • 3h timers x5 for 400 fire shards This is a much nicer deal than the ice shards before. The shards are 13% of a legendary drop, and the timers you get in return are 10% of a legendary drop, which is a fair tax on conversion. I’d take this if you have excess fire shards you’re not planning on using soon.

  • Mystic fragments x5 + egg tokens x500 for 200 sigils This is a reasonable deal, comparable to the seperate egg token and fragment deals on day 1 and 2. Useful if you’re short on them, but no must have.

  • +200% xp boost x40 for 150 sigils Useful for quick leveling and considerably cheaper than the forge. If you buy this from the forge normally, and you’re low on them, this is a better offer.

  • Mythic rage rune (ammo secondary) for 1500 sigils This is one of the top runes for hunters, and Calavore in particular would love this one. It’s not cheap but the price is reasonable for what you get I think. I’d pick this one up if you ever fly hunters.

earlier days

Day 4

Day 4 analysis

  • Gold chests x8 for 250 sigils This is a solid deal. If you just look at the sigils and timers from the chests, you’re getting 160 sigils back, so you pay 90 sigils for 8 days of timers, which is cheaper than yesterday’s already good timer offer. And of course you get other stuff from golds too. Grab these if you can at all spare the sigils.

  • 12h timers x10 for 200 sigils This one is not very good, more than three times as expensive as yesterday’s offer. About 900 rubies worth for 5 days, it’s still better than the forge speedup pack (which is 310 rubies per day), but getting gold chests for rubies would probably be better value. Only consider if you’re drowning in sigils.

  • Defense armor x40 for 150 sigils Like the swords in day 1, I can’t really imagine anyone needing these. For some reason they are also twice as expensive as swords. They’re cheaper than the forge, but I can’t really imagine why you’d buy these.

  • Summon Warrior x10 + Invincibility Shield x10 for 100 sigils These are useful spells, and if you do need them it’s cheaper than buying them outright (which would be 800 rubies), but at 450 rubies worth of sigils it’s not a massive bargain. I guess it’s a decent enough deal if you regularly run out of these spells.

  • Wind crafting shards x3750 for 4000 fire crafting shards Another conversion deal, at a slightly lower loss as well. The amounts are still too small to make any real impact, but if you need wind shards and have too many fire shards it works.

Day 3

Day 3 analysis

  • Rune dust x500k for 100 sigils This is the cheapest rune dust we’ve had in the game so far I believe, cheaper than the dust in the exotic lines. If you even vaguely think you might need more dust in the future this is a great time to pick some up.

  • 48h timers x20 for 500 sigils This is a very good deal. 500 sigils is equivalent to about 2400 rubies, which buys you 6 gold chests, which have about 6 days of timers. Gold chests have other stuff of course, but I’d say timers are at least 1/4th of the value of golds, probably closer to 1/2 at late game stages. And this is offering 40 days. I’d say get all you can afford.

  • Inner fire x8 for 200 sigils 8 inners is what you get from 5 gold chests in pvp on average, and it’s only a relatively small part of the value you get from those golds. And the cost is equivalent to about 3 gold chests, which is several times too high in my book. Avoid.

  • Silver chest x5 and bronze chest x5 for 5000 ice shards Interesting. One one hand it’s a terrible deal, it takes 45 gold chests in fort to gather those ice shards, so a few silver and bronze chests are really a pittance. On the other hand, if you never ever plan to build an ice turret again and you have those shards, the chests are still worth more. I think I’m going to let this one pass myself since 50 10 bronze chests really don’t mean anything to me, and maybe maybe there will be a better offer in the future.

  • Legendary Earth Flak Attack Glyph for 250 sigils The cost itself is very nice for a legendary glyph, but unfortunately this is a glyph that’s just not worth having on your base, earth flak damage is really not enough of a factor to be worth boosting, so for that reason I recommend skipping.

Day 2

Day 2 analysis

  • Chisels x50 for 250 sigils This is a decent price, the same cost per chisel as we saw in the exotic rune line last summer (100 for 500 sigils), and much better than the rune lines we had early this season. Worth it if you need any chisels.

  • +200% XP boost x5 + XP potion x5 for 100 sigils Fairly expensive for what you get, not a terrible deal but we’ve seen much better deals for XP boosts lately, and XP potions are easy to get with dragon quests, if you feel a need for them. I’d skip these.

  • Earth crafting shard x1750 for 2000 dark crafting shards Basically a shard type conversion with a 12.5% loss. Looks fine if this one conversion happens to be the one you need, amounts again are a little too low to make any real impact either way though, like the pearls on day one they should probably be increased by a factor 50 or so.

  • Breeding tokens x750 for 100 sigils Similar value to the mystic fragments yesterday, but this time it’s useful at lower levels too. It’s more expensive than grinding them, but with the time saved it’s a decent price if you need tokens, not a must-have.

  • Legendary rage rune with Dragon attack secondary for 200 sigils This one is pretty good. Many people will have a ton of rage runes already, but they all tend to have cloak secondaries. This secondary is more useful, and will stack with the rage/cloak runes as well. Maybe a little less useful if you’re already drowning in mythic rune options, but for the cost I’d pick this one up even then.

Day 1

Day 1 analysis

  • Embers x100 for 125 black pearls This is an interesting one, first time an entry does not cost sigils. Since there is a limit to how many perches you can build, and not to flaks, I’d say this is a good trade unless you’re currently struggling to level your perch. The only pity is that the total amount you can trade is so small it won’t make a significant impact, but it’s a good deal in my book.

  • Defense Gunpowder x100 for 200 sigils It’s not expensive compared to buying in the forge, but I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone running low on these, any long time player will have thousands more of these than shields and hammers, most likely.

  • Mystic fragments x10 for 250 sigils At endgame, this is usually worth 1800-2000 tokens. 250 sigils is worth about 1250 rubies, which is more than the 600-700 you’d need to grind it with missions, but of course this is also faster. For endgame it’s a decent deal, but not amazing. For anyone at lower levels with high discounts fragments are worth a lot less, so for those players it’s not a good deal.

  • Food packs x10 for 50 sigils Normally I say “lol no” but these are dirt cheap. I never run low on food so I’m not getting them, but if you want to save yourself some grinding at times you could have a look at them.

  • Rubies x600 for 100 sigils You can buy 100 sigils for about 450 rubies with super sigils, so if you have spare sigils lying around that you won’t need until the last weeks of the season (or not at all for this season) these are a good deal.


I actually spent 50 sigils on these. With the XP pots from the dragon missions, 10 food packs, and a few runs to raid some food, I was able to level 2 legendary Eldritch to breeding level with 0 flights on them. Yeah, I’m lazy. :sweat_smile:

But dang, it sure beats the “good 'ol days” of needing 100s of flights to level a dragon.


At least you didn’t have to fly em. I have to fly Feastdran like 30 times to get em to Level 12 and spent over 5M food too :frowning:

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For the 2 Eldritch I leveled it cost 20,260,628 food and 1,089,397,986 XP. :joy: Do those dragon missions. Those XP pots are actually huge time savers. I know we used to complain about them but since they scaled them, I get a lot of 57M XP pots and they are definitely worth the few seconds it takes to select dragons to send on missions.

Anyway, kind of off topic talking about the dragon quests, but 50 sigils was worth it to me for those (10) 1.4M food packs.


fyi, food pack values are level dependent.

1.4 mil at L455
1.05 mil at 347

The food packs were quite nice, nothing super insane value wise, but all quite nice


@Morreion thank you for giving the breakdown, once again, and making it easier to find! :pray:.


L size Food pack. The same as the one we get from Gold chests Legendary drop.


It all depends on when to spend them. I was gathering mine almost since start, and apart from couple of breeding events when a few were spent to get to nearest prize, started spending them at Abyssal mythic, then Eldritch mythic, having about 3k of fragments, which was great help to get those mythics in 1 event and go for 700k max prize. So, might worth to take, considering that spending will be done near end-game evolution.


I calculated with an average of 1000sigils per 5000rubies (sigils chests).

What is the true average? You seem to calculate with a higher average than i did.

Yours seem to be 1111,11 as an average.

But anyways it is a good deal.
So it would be even 33,33% increase instead of my caclulated 20% in an average.

Actually 119.9 (rounded down)/chest (without 5k drop)


Thanks, so even better. More like a 44% increase.

So you get 143,88 out of 100sigils. Maybe we should edit this before PG reads it

So… seems like there‘s only one rune in the files that is a Legendary Rage Rune with Dragon Attack secondary:

7.5% Rage / 2% Dragon Attack


We need to change that, 800% rage 4000% attack
I will take the legendary rage we got today though, 100%


Yes yes very balanced, I approve

/s (for those that take things literally)

Posted day two.


The rune isn’t bad for the price and yes it’s 2 % attack


Looking forward to the day 3 analysis. Great to see a chance to get rid of ice shards - hopefully a sign of good trades to come - but a few bronze and silver chests is a spectacularly bad deal. I think I’ll hold onto the ice shards in case of a better deal later.

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The rune dust is a pretty good deal though and the one trading ice shard is useful for people like me who hate ice/ fire turret


At first glance, timers and dust look awesome, but I’ll wait to see what Morr comes up with