Trading post value analysis - Souldance week 7

True, but platinum chests are fort chests, which are generally more useful than breeding chests, especially for anyone needing embers.


Why she warned us

Ember and timers are fine and all, but this time the platinum are to be opened for sigils for chests in Regi’s Post, I assume, and recalling the length of platinum chests chain (500 chests it was?..), there is no guarantee that sigils will be somewhere close. So one risks to spend quite a few rubies and not even get the single sigil.

how do you calculate how much sigils you get back?

Not for one to concern if he has as many rubies as egg tokens~~
Who care about sequence~ Just use the most efficient way to transfer rubies into rss. haha~

Have a look at Event Chest Drops at Spreadsheet Vault by Zami


True, plat chests are a bit of a gamble, but it can work out quite well.

On my mini I was planning to open gold chests in fort to get embers and timers, with my rubies. Now I spend 36k rubies, and instead of 90 gold chests I got enough sigils to buy 64 gold chests, on top of ~8k embers and ~90 days of timers (and some trash).

I could have been less lucky, but I think you’re very likely to come out ahead if you were going to spend those rubies on opening golds in fort anyway.


Seems to be a 1/8 chance to get one sigil drop but it’s a gamble most people get luckier with sequencing than others I’m one of the unlucky ones with these chests it’s sequencing pretty much must be randomized at this moment in time that it’s not calculated out in order
Silver chests can be sequenced out though as say gold but I don’t like thinking of it in this way so I let the odds pick my fate.

I just remember the opposite example, when one my friend has opened about 50 platinums using rubies, to get sigils, but got just a few, and nearly f… up getting mythic last season :joy: (yes, it wasn’t wise to spend so much rubies on that, if obtaining mythic is in question, but many players sent their screenshots and all)

Those “less lucky”, “very likely” etc are the things I don’t like about platinum, so prefer guaranteed drop, but everyone is free to choose their way, of course )

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Unfortunately I spent the remaining sigils I had on yesterday’s timers, would the gold chests be worth opening chests to get the sigils in order to buy more? I really wish this was at PvP or I was better at saving sigils :pleading_face:

80 gold chests for 2500 sigils :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:


No analysis for today? :frowning:

Come again? Had you checked the original post?

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Can’t find

Scroll up to the very first post :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


I am scared for tomorrow


Ok lol

Yes if it’s trash imma be like imma head out but if the platinum chests cost 1k sigils I’ll be like … that’s a cash grab for you

this season i used around 600K rubies on platinum chest and got around same amount of sigils as i gets from gold chest … ( last 200K is unlucky , first 400K was good … so overall kind of okish )

I never spend except on normal game elite so they can’t even if they tried too haha. But it is cash grab clearly cuz i spent all of my week 3-7 sigils in the trading post.

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