Trading post value analysis - Souldance week 7

Dust is def a good deal, not sure on timers unless I do 5 seconds of math

What about them timers though Boi that’s like 100 x 2

Got everything except the glyph ! :fire:

I would get the chests but I need those shards for ice turrets … wait a second is the turret even worth building much anymore?
Edit: it’s 10k I’ve shards on the second thought I can still get more next seasonn

Timers are 500 sigils for 40 days of timers. Since it is easier to say 1K sigils/5K rubies, I will. This means you are paying 2500 rubies for 40 days of timers, a good deal.


Okay good thing I have half of a branch’s worth sadly have to spend in the right quantity to get a mythic and 2 branches Tower and Equestor for that rage rune

Chalked down some thoughts on day 3


10 :eyes: Can only buy it twice


Lol (insert ten characters right here)

Great analysis as always. It would be useful if you could put the purchase limits in the post (e.g. max 20 for the rune dust), so we can see the limits when we come back and look at your posts to compare deals in future.


Thanks, hadn’t looked at that!

I’ve thought about that but it would clutter the info a bit more, and ultimately it doesn’t affect how good the deal is so I decided to not include that bit.


Oh no…i have only 2.5k sigils left…hopefully no more good deals that cost a lot


I have 300 and a few chests :see_no_evil:

I would never open chests outside of discount but sometimes just open a bunch of bronze when I feel like it. Cant control that yet.

That’s our difference, I need to open chests to maintain IF, energy packs, timers, et.

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If I calculate correctly the timer is this line is 12.5 sigils/ day
While currently season pylon need 33850 sigils to get all the timer is around 42.58 sigils/day
So when it comes to raw timer amount this prize is really good trade


well, I do different calculation.
“the timer is this line is 12.5 sigils/ day”
Yes, correct.

While currently season pylon need 33850 sigils to get all the timer is around 42.58 sigils/day
No, pylon line needs only 3050 sigils to get all the timer(1230 12 hrs) is around 4.96 sigils/day

where 33850 - 3050 sigils you got the other stuff, not timer.


At least this helps make up for the reduced timers from the pylon line.

Gotta say, Reginald got his sh*t together, stopped smoking whatever he was on before and at least made a few decent deals. Hopefully he has some gold or platinum chests in the back for day 4 or 5
I do enjoy the actual trade offers for non-sigil rss, Id just like to see the max limit raised. He can have all my ice and fire shards if he wants them


What’s the limit number of purchase on that 48h timers?