Trading with other players (within your team)

I feel that the game ends short when I comes to team support. Heh that rhymes anyway I feel like you should be able to trade chests towers eggs (not the legit dragon but the duplicates for upgrade) and other stuff I’ve not thought of. Of course there’s a price for every single one I asked for. If it comes to 20k wood for eggs or 20k wood for bronze chest (different chest’s price will very depending on tier.

Doesn’t sound like trading very much, being able to trade with teammates for egg tokens, chests, rubies, etc. would be kind of cool. This would also probably change the balance of the game as a teamate could have unfair trading, and I don’t Think PG would like the idea of using lumber to buy stuff when you could spend $$$$ for it

Four words !

Never happen


Resource chaining

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