Train Primarchs & Riders, again

Does anyone keep a calender of Atlas Events like does?
Because it seems to me that Train Primarchs & Riders was the event just before last. And I can’t remember the last time we had a Build Troops event.

The cadence is a little random, but in this case makes sense - the event thats just done was supposed to generate g points, so logically the next you are supposed to spend it.

Usually its level/craft type of events during pvpMajors and atlasPvp during mainMinors.

The reason its off now is probably the atlas team was expecting a pvp event and had pre loaded the cadance before feed was decided for the main game.

On a last note troop events never made much sense to me as every single player should be building troops as fast as they can 24-7 and generally reviving them immediately unless their total troop count is much lower than revive cap


That doesn’t work. With KingPin PG now has three types of G events in the rotation. It does not make sense to me that you do level events at a 3:1 ratio to all other events, following every G event with a Level event. The last leveling event was two weeks ago, by this logic we’ll see leveling events every two weeks.

And like the “feeding event”, people grow accustomed to various events, like troop building. It is feasible to build new troops 24-7, and still hold off on reviving. “Reviving them immediately” is not the only way to play this game.

I didnt say its the only way, i said its not smart to keep your revives stacking up if you have more troops than your revive cap.

If you have less its not an issue.

Your assesment of events is wrong as well, but that’s fine since who needs facts

@Gox1201, if facts are what you’re after, how about answering the original question, where I asked for facts, instead of going off on a tangent…

You didn’t add anything to this request for information, except opinion and a sense of superiority.

I answered your question directly with the most accurate information available, and offered an likely explanation for why.

The event cadence is not fixed but based on the rotation as described.

If you don’t like it, by all means , thats not my problem. Good luck

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I can’t help but have a feeling that if you were standing outside on a cloudless day and asked what color the sky was, you’d be upset that someone told you blue.

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No one answered the questions.
Does anyone know where to find an Atlas Calander, like (not answered)
When was the last Train Primarchs & Riders event? (not answered)

Never mind. Some people would rather troll than help.

The rotation is relatively stable – you can probably create a calendar by recording the order of events over time. There are little hiccups from time to time (e.g., we just ran a new event, and once in the past we had to jostle the calendar to adapt to the release schedule of The Fight Pits event) but I suspect you could create a highly accurate calendar over time. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

For your first question, which apparently wasn’t obvious. No one has a calendar of Atlas events to my knowledge.

For your second question, you never phrased it as a question. As such, no one answered it. But Gox did more or less answer whatever your sentence was with talking about the cadence of events.

Your original post and then your whining after that was is there a schedule of events and then a statement of what you thought the last event was. That’s your post. Your lack of clarity and inability to comprehend an answer is on you, not Gox or anyone else.

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