Train Primarchs & Riders Event Point Requirements


Hi everyone,

With the recent troop regeneration rate and revival rate increases, players are earning more Glory than they did before. In the last ‘Train Primarchs / Riders’ event we, therefore, increased the progression prize point requirements. We heard your feedback on the increase being too high and our data also reflected those concerns.
We have, therefore, permanently decreased the point requirements for the ‘Train Primarchs /Riders’ event, relative to last week, by 20%.

Hope you enjoy! :chipmunk:



You guys are really the best :blush:


Its still a crappy event.

It punishes those who have performed well in atlas, and it punishes you for the next event as well since the entire team gets sorted into a rubbish bracket with poor team prizes.


You really look at team prizes for atlas event? :rofl:


It’s more that this event has a finite number of points you can ever earn in it. Most of Dread probably has maxed silver primarchs/level 50 riders so they can’t score many points for themselves, and like @Gox1201 said, you get stuck in some trashbin next event because of that.

I personally don’t think it’s a bad event, but I can see why some players are vehemently opposed to it and I wouldn’t be upset if it were taken out and changed to something that isn’t sucky (looking at you Kingdom Wars).


It counts up.

25k odd of each shard twice a week


A suggestion I’ve heard is to allow accumulated glory on maxed primes to be spent in the event for points, but at no gold cost, as the primes don’t actually improve when upgraded this way. It’d also prevent players from being penalised for using primes when they’re maxed, which should be a benefit and not a compromise.


Question: how highly ranked in Atlas do you have to be before there’s anything other than a direct penalty for being more highly ranked? As far as I can tell, for the bottom 90%, the 1st-5th prizes are all the same for each batch of five teams, hence there is no benefit to being in a higher-ranked batch within that segment and indeed a penalty for being so.


Didnt realise it was that much for you guys :joy:

I don’t pay much attention to atlas team prizes. They’re not that much even for my S1 team.


It’s basically 1/2 mid way atlas personal prizes. I forget they exist too lol.

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