Train troops again

Train troops again we done it three times. Why can u give us something different



Here is my answer , we spend so much money in this game not including thr time we spend for the developers not to be able to do any other type of event in atlas . In order to gain glory u have to assassin your troops , 800 k gold to build 800 troops and to gain glory u have to kill so many troops is just ridiculous , how about double your gold week , half price troops week or double chards per attack anything to give your loyal gamers a break on the game . I see so many problems not being fixed , the portal is one of them , just to get into atlas takes too long and so many other issues every time over and over but nothing gets better .

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What ideas do you have for other events? We’d like to add more to the rotation down the road. For now, train troops is a nice way to give out some prizes for things players are already doing (training!).


I can say for me that I need troop training so I’m glad for it… Since I killed basically all of my troops defending every night… But I have no gold… So I was really hoping for crafting and then troop training.

It’s hard to have multiple gold-heavy events in a row, and that’s what we have with the current rotation. Not gold, then three gold depleting events in a row.

I think that may be a pressure point for some/most.


  1. Primarch Gauntlet: something similar to team gauntlet but you go to a portal in NML somewhere and you are transported to your teams “gauntlet”. Only your team primarchs are there, and you take castles and territories in succession using your troops to gain glory and fight harder enemies to win prizes. Chest prizes for each territory you hold, and the enemy does X damage back to your castles (decay or something) so you need to keep pushing to advance to reach the final T5 land where you guys can farm unlimited poachers for shards of all different element types. It would be some type of PvE Atlas for earning glory for smaller/newer teams and the bases would be castle guards.

My ideas below aren’t specifically events, but rather special days/occurrences which would give people something to look forward to on random days. We need increased gold capacity so putting these into effect on top of events would be ideal.

  1. Something that could possibly help with shard farming
    Whether it be poachers giving out more shards, poachers giving out all shard types, poachers flipping and giving out random shards but in super high quantities (aka hit in ice land and it gives you an 8x multiplier of fire or another random), Shards available from mines too, poachers being able to be hit continuously for teams that only have 1 territory/are capped that way.

  2. Double gold event/weekend/random day of the week/etc

  3. Multi reset day where every time you run down a multiplier to 1x, it resets to max. Gold and poachers.


It would be nice if you got shards from gold mines…maybe even some type of multiplier like mines

I think the biggest gripe people have with the troop training is the scarcity of gold. If that were eased even a little, I don’t think so many people would complain about it.

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Or just display gold like rss so I can steal it from dummies who don’t know how to use bank properly.


Gold is scarce but we get timers and crafting material for training troops. Why complain :slight_smile:


@PGDave remember the 6(ish) hours your admirals had to sit on a gold mine to collect it? Mines did once in a while drop a nice bonus amount of gold and dragon scales. Maybe a random drop of extra shards/gold can be added to the current poacher attacks?

Gotta farm that gold! I hate the scarcity too, but it does force us to hit more bases…

Sure, but why does it have to drop to 5k? :tired_face: That’s 160 invader runs to train 800 troops

Since you asked, I have an idea for an event…

I’ll preface this by saying bc that since we gave r ut def quests now (thank you), we need more riders so that our best dragons aren’t stuck on 12 hr missions.

Ok, how about an event where we collect “green” rider shards to hire new riders. These could be acquired by hitting a glory amount like the season, or also randomly when defeating a base. The riders could be more specialized, like having a skill tree that includes reductions in mission time, more reduction in healing time, higher xp bonus, higher gold bonus, higher share bonus, etc.

If this was a regular event in the rotation, there could be different levels of riders you could trade in for, with the best ones taking several events to achieve.

The main focus would be to provide a way for players to earn new riders that could offer bonuses to address some areas players feel could use improvement.

I have more thoughts, but that seems like enough for now…

No, I mean go back to the main game and hit ppl that hoard gold. Plenty of teams with no bank that sit in neutral zone and don’t spend gold fast enough… I made a million gold in first 15 minutes of fort event just doing random lumber attacks.

I think we may have good news for you very soon. Keep on the lookout!


Can you give us any details? :star_struck:

I think that bullhorns produce less the more u use them in a day is also a problem…especially since it’s not apparently clear that’s what happens…not when u buy them and not when u use them.

Someone else said after you use 3 days worth in a single day, their effectiveness begins to diminish.