Train two Primarchs at same time for Atlas Elite

I’d like to suggest an additional new Buff for Atlas Elite accounts: the ability of training two primarchs at same time.
This will be something very similar to what happen in WD Elite accounts concerning the ability of build two buildings simultaneously.


I don’t like this. Only because we already pay glory AND gold to upgrade primarchs, I don’t believe there should be an upgrade time at all.


Would’ve been okay…IF we still had an event in which to at least get points for doing so; but costing so much and not getting anything for it-- no way!

Now, if you wanna make elite have no gold cost to upgrade prims-- then watch the spending increase!!


Prim upgrades are ridiculous. The choice is to burn another Currency(diamonds) to speed everything up, stop raiding because glory will be lost when you evolve up, or just waste time and glory letting it run its course. It’s a broken system


There already is an upgrade time he is saying to make it so that you can upgrade two at once. versus waiting days upon days to upgrade something that took a ton of time to get ready to upgrade to begin with

Think you missed the “there should be no upgraded time” part of the comment.

If anything for atlas elite users “monthly subscription to PG” daily gold income should be reviewed & increased as primarchs have changed & now with gold tier the costs have changed & yet you can only farm enough gold daily to perform a single gold prim level which leaves no gold left to be able to make new troops or heal troops so it puts you in a predicament on what to do.

Gold is far to low on the daily limit


Additional slots to train/revive troops. I want 6 slots!


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As things are, 2 primarchs at one time would be nice but I agree with Monopoly, there shouldn’t be any upgrading times at all. You have the glory, you have the gold, the prime should be instantly upgraded. Especially given how high the costs are to level these damn gold primes and how small the stat increases are.

I also agree with what SheepReaper said, the gold multipliers need to be looked at, both for elite and non-elite. None elite gold pretty much doesn’t exist at all, there’s basically no point in even hitting beasts except to level a dragon. If you don’t own castles then they’re even less worth hitting


If that was implemented, players would then ask for no research times or incubator times as they already had to earn the eggs. Players are never happy and only ever want more lol.

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A more accurate comparison though would be with dragons, which don’t have leveling times. You get the xp, you use the food and boom, it’s done.

This is a rather foolish statement though. The possibility of them wanting more is not a reason to not change something that is bad and extremely overpriced.
Primarch leveling was a bad event because it encouraged people to hold off on leveling their primes… well so does leveling times if you don’t have the diamonds to speed it up.


Pretty mutch we always want more.

however with the ever increasing in costs it would be a well recieved gestuere i think to add a few % to the gold.

You basically get troops and 360 days speedups for your elites for £20 a month adding a little value to both elites would be welcome.

when i played wow which has not been for 6 odd years now we paid £20 and time was what had huge value as that was progression. i quite liked that but left shortly after raid finder landed as everything started to just be partisipate for prizes.

Like our mandatory event cycle in the core game and how it supplies 90% of our resources……
Burden of play is mandatory participation!

Yeah I agree and that’s why you make the d@m objective singular ……because we always want more and when there’s only one objective for everyone guess what we will do ….?

Yes we will fight over it and since we always want more and more we will fight for it
Endlessly lol

We can Improve retention and improve elite when we actually have a objective that supports conflict🤷‍♂️

Yeah i dont disagree.

But giving me better value is easy…lol…but not an answer

on that with the cooldown reduction we are on a offensive cycle so i need more troops…lol…

atm id settle for an objective that is not a troop muncher that eats troops with unrewarding defence of castles

Exactly brother!

You want exactly what I’ve been yelling about :man_shrugging:
Never ending conflict or what we call fun!
You want rewards but your willing to fight for them!

Lowering castle counts will do the exact same thing as expanding the map it will produce a moment of escalation and conflict followed by even more stable stagnation.
Well until we all quit and someone wins lol
What I have suggested allows for continuous conflict at your pace!

lol…yup pretty much…once the scale rebalances after the upset we have equlibrium with the same folk moree or less where we were…almost like gold prims same place just a bit of power creep instead of a bit of elimination/stagnation

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Bingo that’s exactly what I’m saying because escalating content is not a objective :sunglasses:


The players that don’t have the resources to level are the ones that need the leveling the most.

Those of us who were around during the gap between maxed silvers and introduction of gold don’t really feel the costs as much imo. And I think those are the ones PG sees with hoards of diamonds they want to decrease. Much like how the increase in research was to decrease the hoards of egg tokens players had/have.

It’s the never ending push and pull between the haves and have nots. We need more players moving into the haves and if we rely strictly on spending to accomplish that, it’s no wonder the pool at the top is deteriorating so quickly.

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Atlas elite is too powerful already. Do not paywall what should be a straight across the board boost


well, not really when you actually look at the amount of money you pay … it’s still a hefty price

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