Training Camp Update (7/12)

Hello Dragon Lords, some news: there was a technical issue that is stopping us from running the Training Camp event with the new values for Crafting Shards and Crafting scrolls. We are going to keep the event running as is due to the risky nature of resetting the event.

The values for the event will remain .150 for crafting shards, and 10 for crafting scrolls. We will update the numbers to .185 for crafting shards and 15 for crafting scrolls the next time we run Training Camp.

The event is still safe to play, so enjoy!

  • The War Dragons team

(an in-game mail has also gone out with this information)



Ah, well. No surprise there.

Appreciate raising from 520k to 750k. But please consider to double or at lease further increase prizes to 900k please. :pray::pray::cry::cry: Too easy and have tons left to do still.
Took me 2hrs to get here 🤷🤷


I fully agree. These 2 events together generate way more points in a short amount of time. I only touched my gear and I’m already 2 nodes away from the end without touching rider level up.


Same here mate. As I can’t decide which rider for past few weeks I haven’t touch me rider yet.


They didnt increase the prizes though when they increased the max to 750k. So same prizes but higher requirements. It’s not hard to hit max but we’re still required to do more for the same rewards. So it’s the same no matter if it stopped at 520k, 750k or 900k.


And why aren’t prims available for adding points? Not everyone has max prims :man_shrugging:t2:

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So level your primes then. You dont need to wait around anymore for an event to do it. Prime leveling was a terrible event anyway and needed to go.


@PGGalileo now clicking on Help from Settings using Samsung S9 reboots game and please do not ask me to Open a Ticket because cannot… and as a blind player as in disabled person I’d like to point out continuity of terminology when calling a New Event Training Camp when you already have Troop Training and Primarch Training which included Rider Training so how am I supposed to know geez so while I got points for upgrading Riders as per usual I got nothing for upgrading Prims nice going guys in once again diligently disenfranchising the disabled in our community!

Please fix Help and Support since has been broken for some time for a number of players on various devices AND please get with PG and strive for continuity and clarity of purpose going forward so the rest of us might be able to keep up???

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… and am I right to assume Crafting is now part of Training Camp? Seriously guys as in @PGGalileo this is a much bigger shifting around of things and as such should have come with more than a brief few lines of explanation and introduction!

There was a whole post regarding this event a couple weeks ago.



The TLDR for the post is: Primarch training has been canned, the new event is a merge between gear crafting and rider training


Oh I have been but it’s expensive to do so, so it would be nice to be rewarded for the hefty resources needed to level them. Prim leveling isn’t much different than Rider leveling. You have one new atlas rider every 3 months and super easy to max out. So it’s not like that’s any better.

You can be, just participate in any of the 3 existing atlas events and you’ll be rewarded with timers and diamonds. Then use those diamonds along with gold from various sources to level said dragons.

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You are still not rewarded for the resources spent from leveling prims. Not a hard concept to grasp really. I agree with many things you have to say but for something requiring both timers/glory/and a hefty amount of gold and not getting anything from it besides a few more stats added is a bit dumb in comparison to still receiving points for riders. If you allow riders it makes just as much sense to allow prim leveling to count


You also don’t get rewarded for spending timers, sigils, and a whole bunch of other resources :man_shrugging:

And I agree, points for riders are just as silly, and could also be removed, but at least they’re relatively small so riders won’t get held back for multiple seasons just to score points.

True, holding back prims definitely should be avoided either way. And while you don’t get points directly for spending gold in other events, you still get points indirectly and immediately for the gold you spend during troop events. The other resources you don’t get any immediate points for consuming them indirectly or directly.

Only real point to make against prim training and getting points for it is prize scaling. Would be difficult to balance as someone who has maxed prims will be at a disadvantage vs someone without them maxed. Even during a combined event. And as you mentioned riders have a much smaller impact oh how many event points you can get.

Not sure if this was ever mentioned as I’m rarely responding in forums but if we’re getting points for shards to train riders, why aren’t we getting points for xp spent training them. I maxed a rider from 1-50 and got 188k points only

You get points for getting the glory during the glory hunt event, would be double dipping to get points again for spending them.


We used to get points for spending xp training them during training riders/prim event but no one complained about double dipping then