Training center ui change proposal

So I would like to propose a change to the ui in the training center. Instead of The 360-degree View being the start and having to use your the swap button, I think it would be better to have a swipe interface of all dragons with there stats and powers in a corner of the screen. This would make finding and utilizing dragons fast and easy. Once you find the characteristics you are looking for you could enter into a more in-depth analysis and the 360 view for training and armor applications. Thanks for your time and vote here if this interests you

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Are you talking about the dragon den? You can fast swap from the hotbar and see their abilities and power stats.

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Yes I’m talking about the dragon den and imho it is a pain in the arse because you only get a head shot and you have to go through each dragon looking for the attributes you seek.

So, you mean like looking at their pictures in the breeding castle? If you don’t know their abilities, go there. I more or less know what lineage dragons have what ability since I’ve flown most of them a heck of a lot.

My apologies I’m a casual mobile gamer. I tend to get on do a few quests while I’m waiting for someone or something to get back to me. So for instance right now I have a egg quests for kamikaze usage it would be really helpful if I could swipe through the dragons quickly to find that attribute and do that quest while waiting the 10-15 minutes for the info. It is taking more time to find the dragon than it takes to do the quests.

The quests are associated to the dragons in your roster. It will be faster to use the roster than the den. I only go to the den to inactivate the dragons so I can use less than the full roster. :cherry_blossom:

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I wouldn’t mind if in the Den added a page in Den so it’s Hunter/Warrior/Sorcerer/Roster so you can inactivate your roster easier.

For the OP, it will only assign you missions that you are capable of completing with what is in your roster as far as spell-using goes. So if it gives you a quest with self-destruct, you have someone with that spell active (I see now @Sam has answered this part of it)

First I’d like to thank you all for your insight and advise. The reason I was suggesting this is because I was searching for the other dragons in my arsenal with the same abilities who needed leveling up for breeding purposes. Exp runs are hard to get with an international team and being ready in the short amount of time I have to contribute to the game with my work schedule is hard. Easier access to the pertinent information would streamline said process and I would be more productive in achieving these missions, making the next mission available all the more quickly. Thanks again for your help.(side note. Changing guild is not an option, I started playing this game so I could play with my friends, I have no reason to play it if it isn’t with them.)

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