Training Event ?/issue


When you select a new primarch to research and make available it says you must pay X gold to train. I did this with the destroyer for 1.56m gold but the points never counted towards my event points :thinking: is this on purpose because he is a new primarch or is this a glitch and I should be credited the prizes?


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Sounds like u research destroyer didn’t train it which points are only for training / glory used. Researching next tier doesn’t take glory.


And we got a notif when we clicked on the team rank saying our team didn’t participate in event while we (each member) got some score from poachers and leveling rider/primachs. And on event screen it showed our rank globally :man_shrugging:


@Dakhunter we had that pop up before too and it was explained that it was bc the previous event no one on your team scored so it kicked you out of the team tier prizes, but since you have now participated in this event, next event you will be back in the running for team prizes again. So make sure every single event atleast 1 person puts some points on the board.


Yeah it was my first time with the destroyer. I had to research him to unlock him. But it was weird bc I clicked the research button and then it popped up and said pay 1.56m gold to train and I clicked confirm… I think that may be an error and should say “research for 1.56m gold”


My team in d2 participates in every atlas and game wide event and our team rank button says the same thing. On both teams that I am on that have atlas. @PGJared @PGDave can this be looked into!?


Our team did participate. We were ranked 27 globally :man_shrugging:


Oh that’s weird


Replied in this thread:


So did we receive team prizes for training event at all? I haven’t got mine so far


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