Training Season

I recently made a alt and it’s stuck on a training season?
@PGGalileo How long does this last. Please tell me it’s not the whole season

I ran a new alt just recently and the ‘training season’ was a quest, once you claim all the nodes it will disappear.

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What does it look like exactly?

I think it is 5 or 6 season nodes. You get a welcome gift of training sigils that is not enough to complete the line then you get some or a single bronze chest and maybe a gold chest :thinking:. The funniest part I found was a single bronze chest gives you the needed 450 sigils… how unrealistic :triumph:.


It has like 6 rewards and it’s the first thing that unlocks when you get to level 10 and I got it last event but it’s still on the training branch

If you completed the full quest and claimed the whole season line it should have gone away.

Are you on a team? As this is a pvp event I beleive it locks out for teamless.

Either way best to lodge a ticket.