Training some older dragons

How are we suppost to level dragons up like Leo’s when you don’t offer what we need I have 3 dragons like that what am I suppost to do ?

You are being too vague.
What do you mean?

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He wants the stones…

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Lol, then we need the Mods magic for this type of post.


Then level up others. There are many lineage dragons need your care

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So what did you do to your drude and Kinnara? Are they still in roster? If not why didn’t you ask about them?
I am hurted you missed most iconic dragon names here 🤸

I haven’t even been leveling most of my divines, I’ve just been stockpiling XP and starving the heck out of of them since most of them are unusable without maxing their stones anyways. Lineage dragons will always be more important to me.

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The evolution stones for dragons like leos and Kirin and equester I have them leveled as far as I can but I don’t have the stones to further level them


Solution: Plan out your sigil spending.
You have 3 dragons from winter season, but don’t have their evolution stones. So in summer season: focus on getting 1 dragon and getting all his evolution stones :man_shrugging: that way you can keep using him as you level up to higher tiers.


That sounds like poor planning. We all knew these things were limited time only. Changing that now is a bad idea bearing in mind many people sacrificed either previous seasons or money in order to get the limited time only stones.

If you want to get these dragons to higher tiers either specialise, save up from previous seasons, or spend to get them. Or accept that spreading your sigils results in a less long term dragons

You can’t change the rules after the fact


I’ll be gentle as I can be.
Posts like these are like on a “Marathon/Fun Run”.

Some “runners” would want that “finisher t-shirt” just because they are included in the “marathon” even if they did not reached the “finished line”. :man_facepalming:

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Lot’s of people are peeved because missed evolution stones are a topic thet keeps getting brought up, nearly weekly, even though a resounding NO was provided by PG a long time ago. Please use the search function before making any more posts.

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Get new dragons like everyone else :wink:

The obvious answer is YOU DONT.
you suppose to get the stone while you can and in timed retired the dragon that you cant

Nothing we can do then…
Also, @TheRedDelilah, I miss your froum post :grin:

Maybe you can level your lvl-1 Ember :thinking::wink:
/sarcasm mode off/

Ty @LizDrakemoor for reminding me that this forum is meant to help dragon flyers.

As for me I (like many other ppl) was unaware of the lvl1 Ember potential (fast healing deathgazer) at my first feeding event. I’m probably still mourning about it.

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Feed your perch

:scream::scream::scream::scream: Why would you even suggest such a thing!? I’m seriously hoping you forgot your /sarcasm tag…


@moderators please work your magic! :sparkles:

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It was really early when I read your comment so I had missed the sarcasm :sweat_smile: (My sarcasm detection meter breaks frequently on these forums :joy:)