Training up riders

Question on riders. I recently trained a rider on Leo up five steps. There was no change in Leo’s stats. I know the rider gear has a major impact on the dragon stats but I thought the training of the rider did also. Any ideas?

Did you acquire any new skills on his skill tree?

If so what were they?

Leveling up riders only gives them Skill Points and Combat Power.

You need to spend that skill points on skills to increase your Leos’ stat

Suggestion for ya Gator. Level up riders during Atlas event. Much like build and breeding events, it’s best to save and get something for your efforts. :grin:

You need to use the skill points from leveling to buy stuff from skill tree. Otherwise there’s no change.

Gator if you leveled the rider you get skill points but you have to USE the skill points to get the boosts.

What everyone is stating is correct. The riders lvl only adds more skill points. One must spend them on skills to improve the stats they boost.

EDIT: spend carefully. PG does not have a means for us to respect riders. They have commented they are considering it or something after it was suggested but I expect there is no ETA.

Thanks to everyone for the replies. What you said makes sense. And yes I should have waited until the atlas event but I had not had my morning coffee yet.

A bit of thread hijacking (apologies to OP), but what does the “decrease training cost” skill do? Does it decrease the xp needed to level, the amount of food required, or both?

Just the food only.

Thanks! I was hoping it was both…PG being a bit stingy lol.

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