Transfer of troop between dragons in Atlas

Why do I get an error every time I try to transfer troops between dragons in nml?
It’s looks like the problem has existed for some time & needs to be addressed. Maybe add a limit of 15k troops as the max 3k the minimum.

You can transfer any amount of troops if you own both primarch. Though it should be done on your castle or on a safe zone. The limit is based on what your primarch can carry.

If its on No Mans Land, you are in a way exploiting because if say your Sieger is getting hit and you don’t want to lose all its troops, you transfer it to your Taunter so the enemy will only kill 1 troop instead of 10k troops.

I mean you don’t want to experience killing a primarch that has 15k troops and then after the battle, you only saw that you killed 1 troop while another player wiped your 10k troops and gave you low glory reward.

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Thank you kindly for the correct procedure. Have tried it & all is good.

That got fixed. If you try to change your troops on a prim being hit the game blocks you and a pop up comes up that says you’re not allowed while the primarch is under attack. Same with replacing prims with summons.


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