Transfer skill set to dragon in your roster with special event dragon


I know that the universal evolution stone idea has been shot down repeatedly, but the fact remains that people have favorite dragon artwork and would like to continue to fly their favorites. So a twist on this idea would be a special customizable event dragon that would basically be a skill set, but that you could pick a dragon in your den to apply them to. It would replace the skill set currently on the dragon, but allow the player to fly a favorite dragon “look”
In addition, Since it would be a special event, the tiers would still be in effect giving PG extra $ because in effect the swap would start the dragon at orange and have to level up just like other event dragons.It’s a shame to see all the artwork on these classic dragons melt into oblivion. Could also cost rubies for the initial transfer.


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What exactly do you have in mind? The title doesn’t say much… :thinking:


Do you have a suggestion for a better title?


No, it’s okay. Since my previous comment you edited both the title and the description.

additional thoughts:

I had to read it multiple times, and I am confused:
Are you suggesting a phantom dragon that could be transplanted into a vessel (an old dragon’s body)?
Or a Doppelganger dragon that would mimic the appearance of an existing dragon with its own skill set, like Mystique in X-men?


Great idea but sounds complicated though :hugs:


So, your idea is to be able to replace spells on old dragons and make them useful again?

And we would have to earn evolutions stones for them?

So, take, I dunno, Borgian. I could pay to give him a new skill set (replace his resist for arguements sake) and earn all his stones, up to the current tier, all over again.

Sounds good, but it also sounds like rainbow evolution stones all over again, just with a different color rainbow…so no.


I think they’re more talking a reskin of a new divine. Say take gunnar from this season and give him borgians appearance.


Haha this actually sounds like it could be fun, if I’m understanding the suggestion correctly. It would go something like this:say that I love the way Jura looks (I don’t :face_vomiting: but say I do). Jura is a useless blue dragon with freeze.

An event dragon comes out that has no body of its own for whatever reason. It evolves to the latest tier. Has 4 new spells. It’s name is NAME, and I am given the choice for which body to give it. I like the Jura look, so I choose that, and NAME now looks like Jura. But it is not Jura. Jura is a gross spider fly dragon with freeze. This would be NAME, with NAME’s spells and evolution stones etc. Just has the same skin as Jura because that’s what I picked. Haha this would give me much delight (well, I’d never choose Jura, but the concept would be fun), if this is indeed what the OP means.

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This would be different no doubt. Seems like a lot of work to have body choice dragon, but I don’t know so could be possible.

For old dragons, keeping them exclusive to old but letting newer players fly I suggest a PvE multi tier, like Temple Raid guardians, event where old dragons can be loaned for the event at price. After event they are scrubbed from roster and den unless you had them previously already.

Doing it this way the design team doesn’t need to make a dragon like OP suggests as they already exist, and doesn’t give anyone something they didn’t have before. The PvE only aspect keeps the best loaners from destroying everyone’s bases. A Christmas/New Years only event would be exclusive in is own right as once a year and also keep the easy event weeks like they did 3 rss events in a row this past time without having 3 rss events, swap out the PvP of that timeframe with this PvE.

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