Transfer troops quest

I have transferred around 500 troops from the barracks to my primarch, but the quest hasn’t completed. I can’t find any specific amount that I’m supposed to transfer, so I have no idea if it’s not enough troops. Anyone else having problems with this quest? Or does anyone know how to fix it/complete it? Yes, I am new to Atlas… if that wasn’t obvious :sweat_smile:


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IIRC, this quest is transferring troops from your prime to your castle, which has been disabled due to the updates.

@msfalcon, try transferring troops to another prime to rule out that possibility.

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It seems that no one on my team can complete it and we cant get to the next quest until it is complete. I have moved my primarch out of the home base (since the troops otherwise just go straight to the primarch bypassing the barracks) and gotten the troops into the barracks/garrison, then moved him back and made the transfer. But when I do the troops transfer, but I get the spinney “computer is thinking” icon which I have left running for up to 10 minutes until I cancel. the troops move, but no credit for the quest.

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That is exactly what I did, and the same thing happens. Tried to reboot the game several times to see if the quest would complete, but nothing.

I only have one primarch, so can’t try that. This is the quest:

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Perhaps the issue is that troops are going to the Garrison when built and then transferred to the primarch. As we just got here and are in the Neutral zone we don’t have the ability to build barracks. Could that be it?

I’m running through the process once more and documenting it with screen shots and then I’ll put a ticket in. So far I have left it spinning for 5 minutes. I’m going for ten and then I’ll cancel and show a photo with the troops actually transferred.

I am having the same issue, I’ve also moved out of the home base to another base and transferred several troops without success. When I finished training my troops, it said they were moved to my garrison as opposed to my primarch or barracks. Is the garrison any different than barracks? That’s the only reason I can think of why it hasn’t worked. Other than it’s a PG glitch.

This seems like an unlikely problem :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Try transferring from a castle to your prime again? Someone said they updated.

Tried again, still nothing :woman_shrugging:t2:

Your barracks is attached to your home base icon, click on it, and Transfer Barracks comes up…all personal troops are there or sitting on your primz.
If your home base is in safe zone, that is your garrison…
Barracks are within garrisons.

If your prime is at home when you build the troops, they never go to your barracks

Right, I’ve gotten that far. Transfer Barracks to Fighter but when I hit transfer, it just sits there loading. When I exit out the numbers match the amount I transferred, but I cannot complete the quest. Also, my prime is not at home. It is at an adjacent base.

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That is what I do too

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It’s a welcome gift from PG…glitches for all. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Looks like we heading for another update, to fix the last :see_no_evil:


I also have this problem and have done all the things previous members tried and I still just get the spinning thingy which goes on longer than my patience level which is usually high :exploding_head:

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I have submitted a ticket on this, but no response yet. I’ll post here if I hear anything.

Someone in one of my Line groups submitted a ticket and got a response back that they had fixed it. No luck according to him. The few people I have confirmed the issue with are on Android, does anyone on iOS have this issue?

Yes, iOS has also this issue.

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