Transfering resourses

I think we should be able to transfer anything, (egg tokens, rubies etc or even unwanted dragons) not just food, lumber or gold and no capping on what we can send if we have 100k rss , we should be able to send 100k not 25342 or something like that.

No. This is a security hole. Please use the search function in the future.


1000 heal pots please!

But seriously, the game ain’t secure enough for this to be a thing. Check out other posts like this using your search bar.

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I’ll trade ya tower boosts for wind shards :man_shrugging:

I would like transferring certain goods, like elemental shards of egg tokens or even black pearls (impossible to get I swear) but dragons would be silly, it’s half of the game. I mean, if you could trade items with your teammates, perfect! I mean, my fried has THOUSANDS of unwanted black pearls, while I only have a few. Meanwhile, I don’t want rubies as much as I have them, so it would be nice to get rid of a few. Simply put, PLEASE, WD, make a trading system. Some of us need it.

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We all need it, but it’s a massive security issue so we won’t get it.

We already have security issues with the hackers. i am suck if pg were to implement this feature they would make sure it was hack proof before the released it to the public. I mean who would not want to help a teammate out that comes up short on some breeding tokens or needs a few timers.

You wouldn’t need to hack to take advantage of this.

Have a team with 49 of your own alts. Collect egg tokens and send to your main once a month before breeding event.

System failure


Someone please close this thread. PG has already explained that this isn’t going to happen. Not now, not in the future.

That would be a lonely team to be on unless if you transfer all to one alt and then add the alt to your main team.

You would transfer to your alts team 1 time per month on a non-event day (tuesday?) to collect your mass of tokens. Not that bad if it nets you lets see,

100 tokens/day per account in a low low level
21 days in the month
49 accounts on the team

102,900 tokens?

@moderators work your magic!:star2:

an interesting way to make up for an egg token shortage

You wouldn’t need to be on it all the time, just join in between events, transfer the needed resources and go back to your “real” team

if you don’t like the conversation stay out of it.


It’s a repeated thread. PG already explained that this isn’t going happen due to security issues

Who cares

There’s clearly a conversation going on here, though. So perhaps hold off on calling for a close right away. Plus, Red’s responded here and I’m sure if she wanted to close it now, she would have. :t_rex:


No. It would be to easy to hack and exploit. @moderators

Unwanted dragons? That’s even worse…

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