Transferring breeding tokens to your teammates

You should make it so that just like gold, lumber, and food. You can transfer breeding tokens. This would be a big help to people with extra tokens, or just people that don’t have enough tokens.



yeaa no


Lol it is very bad idea :-1:, just imagine what can be done with many alts. Close this topic :joy::rofl:


In addition to the previous response, which is extremely valid, if a player has a surplus of egg tokens, they should save them for future breeding events; more progress in that approach. Conversely, if a player has a deficiency of egg tokens, they should still save them in hopes that they may acquire enough to meet their goal the next time a breeding event goes live.


First off what are extra anything in this game (except heal pots and black pearls). I would love to have too many of some things tokens and timers are the top 2.

To expand ok this and many other similar threads asking for the ability to transfer items, what we the community really really want is a trading post permanently in the game.

Thank you



I don’t see a problem with it. After all, no one would be forcing your hand to do it. Maybe you’d even get something in return?

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I agree no…there is too much of a chance for something to go wrong…i have had friends ask also so when i started a baby account i only bred tier dragons and i purposely gathered as many eggsas possible…when i went into plat and sapphire tiers i had up to 179k eggs…i can upgrade builder hut,research hut, and breed finally!!looking forward to keeping up builder hut especially!!

People will abuse it for cheating, clear no no no.

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Reading this again, I never asked…

Why do you think the addition of this feature would help both of those who have excess and those who are in shortage?

If this were to happen, you’d first have to convince the playerbase that they need this, then the devs why they should add a feature that would decrease their revenue… with logic and reasoning.