Transferring sigils by player to another if he/she has extra

I don’t know whether this was discussed or not . If a player has extra sigils without using that’s waste know , so if any system to transfer it to others ,which helps others to get more prizes in events . Plz consider this PG

This would open the door to cheaters sending “legit” players hacked currencies. Until this game is significantly more secure, this wouldn’t work.


If this is allowed, the players will create dozens of accounts and will transfer themselves. It is not correct.:thinking:


Get where you’re coming from, but it seems too dangerous to me as well…way too open to the kind of abuse PG and players are trying to avoid.
An exchange mechanism, on the other hand, between last seasons sigils and this seasons sigils for rubies or for money, seems more viable.
That said…if you’ve got extra sigils, just go back and forth between the lines and pick out some juicy and cheap chests, speedups, runes or whatnot, so as not to waste those last few sigils. That’s what I’ve always done. Effectively reduces the number of wasted sigils to less than 50 in all cases.
Unless, of course, you’ve gotten all the lines and there is nothing left…in which case please loan me your credit card or tell me your secret. Just kidding…please don’t flag this for that comment. I really don’t want your credit card!


So this security problems know , fine .
Thanks for ur comments .
@TheRedDelilah can u plz close this .