Transferring troops

What exactly is the process for transferring troops to another player on your team?
I’ve been able to do this up to the 200 per day limit, but the rest of my team are having trouble. Is the 200 limit across the whole team? Because that seems very low!
What, if anything, are they doing wrong?

Standard transfer per day per teammate yes.

Thanks, I thought so but what then could be preventing them from transferring?

Enemy Primarch or your teammates primarch being full

edit: the simple answer to only 200 troops per day is to prevent the stockpile of one teammate. 200 troops x 49 members is 9,800 troops per day.

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Theres too much or maybe simple explanation as to why transferring troop to teammate is being limited. Ill leave the explanation others who will read this for the detailed “because”.

I’m certain they’re not full, but what do you mean by enemy primarch please?

Wait, i got confused so u mean, u can transfer the 200, buf rest of teammate cant?

Yes, exactly.
I’m trying to figure out whether there’s a bug or if there’s something else preventing it.

Sorry, i didnt know stacking 200 troops coming from all 49 teammates isnt allowed?Or maybe it was changed after the 4.16-4.20 release. Ok. Im of no help in this post hehe.

everyone is allowed to transfer 200 troops daily. If you have an enemy primarch on your fort, you cannot transfer troops.

That could be it then.
We are still in the neutral zone though, is an enemy still a factor?

It shouldnt be!

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Then I suspect that people are just not doing it correctly.
Either that or there’s a bug.
So in principle, every team member should be able to transfer 200 troops per day to a single team member, yes?

Yes. …

I believe it’s 200 troops per sender.
(Not per destination)

And their primarch needs to have capacity.

I don’t know if it lets transfers happen in the red zone and you have to both move your primarchs to the same castle.

I’ve never had it fail, but it’s far easier to send gold than to send troops

Slightly off topic but I hate how I can’t transfer troops from the prime to garrison anymore.


It looks like people are just not doing it right then.
Further instruction required

A little off topic-ish. Can one transfer troops between Primarchs, ie I have a destroyer and rusher, can I transfer troops between them?

Yes you can

Do you have to own a castle to do this? I’m just not sure how to do it. I know how to transfer from Barracks to Prim… but from Prim to Prim… no idea.