Transferring xp from Dragon to dragonsl

How do you transfer xp from one Dragon to the one who needs it

The dragon you are transferring from must be maxxed. Then when you click on the “Train” button for a dragon, it will give you the option to “Transfer XP”, the dragon you have maxxed with extra XP will show up in that screen.

It costs a lot of rubies though, generally it isn’t worth it.

  1. Dragon Must be expert so it can gain transferable xp.

  2. It needs rubies to transfer xp.

  3. Dont do it, rubies are very important, use rubies to open 10 golden chests at the moment if you’re a starter.

  4. Golden chests can be opened during an event under armory, it costs 4 thousand rubies per 10 golden chests.

  5. Golden chests gives you items you need to do good in an event or items used to progress with your dragons or timers to progress with your base.


expert dragons accumulate surplus XP whenever you use them in battle (this is why they have 1.2x ~ 6.0x XP multipliers)

You use that to transfer XP to another dragon using rubies.

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