Transferring XP

I have a question about transferring XP from one dragon to another. I’m aware the cost of gems night not make it worth it, but it’s something I’m considering in the next breeding event.

My question is: Is there a Max that you can transfer from one dragon to another? Does the XP amount cap out for each transfer, or does it just send all xp on that dragon to the dragon you are choosing for the amount of rubies it says?

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It will only send enough xp for the dragon receiving it to go up 1 level at a time. Its a very poor use of rubies but it’s a personal choice you have to make.

Do you want to waste rubies to speed up the process or do you want to save your rubies for gold chests or supersigil chests? Gold chests is by far the best investment of rubies but if you dont have time to grind out the xp to level a dragon using rubies is an option I guess.


1 level at a time… That isn’t great.
And yes, I did say I thought it would be a waste of rubies. Other then chests almost everything is.

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Yes just 1 level at a time. I do get the need to do it every now and then. It comes in to play particularly at lower levels where you are trying to breed multiple dragons in one breeding but dont have the time to grind out 3 or more dragons to breedable to keep going.

I have done it in the past, I think it was the end of gold and through platinum dragons. Utilizing I was able to get through platinum in 1 breeding event so it does have a place it’s just not the best option out there.

I think don’t think the one level at a time thing hurts you, it just means you have to push the button more times. You get charged a certain number of rubies for each xp point transferred.

(But the rubies per xp cost varies with player level; low level players (<150 maybe?) pay more.)

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Open the gold chest on breeding event, you should be able to get quite the amount of xp potions.:+1:

Another option that I occasionally did when I had to level up multiple legendary or a legendary and a mythic in one event (obviously one at a time so I could breed the second), was that I would spend some ruby on exp boosts to use on my exp runs each day - which I feel was a better use of ruby than exp transfer, but also I used it sparingly because the Ruby’s were better spent on gold/super sigils.


Use rubies to buy 200% xp boost and make use of daily multiplier XP runs on invader base.

Already planning to do that :slight_smile:

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Do not waste rubies on xp transfer, it may be PGs biggest rip off

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