Transfers go to the Incorrect Place

@PGDave @pgEcho If you try to transfer say…5 places to consolidate in 1, the transfers end up in random destinations and other banks. It would require testing but I think there might be a bug where the intended place of debit becomes the place of credit tied to the previous transfer, to Illustrate:

You want to transfer from banks B,C,D to bank A

It should be B,C,D to Bank A

Instead it seems to go bank B to A, then C to B, the D to C.

Also, some are back to disappearing…

I agree. Transferred gold is going to random places. First one is always correct. Second and third will be sent randomly.
Wasted 2hr yesterday because I didn’t pay attention when transferring gold to upgrade infrastructures :sweat::sob:

You have to go out of the transfer screen and tap send resources to this bank…
Almost like if you don’t exit, it trans to bank you trans from…

Found out like U kept transferring to wrong places

I noticed this, too. I tried transferring gold around the other day and just gave up. It didn’t matter if i force closed or not. The game sent shit left, right and some of it never transferred.

Yep. Trying to send 15M over an island. 20 min later, only had 3M. I was like wtf. wasted another 20 min sending 10M over, only 3M landed again lol

I think at this point I’d trust a hooker with my actual cash before I’d trust Pg with my digital fake currency.

We clearly need to spend more time figuring out what’s going on here. We’ll keep digging into it until we get to the bottom of it.

Haha PG tax :sob:

:thinking: Hmm, I could use some gold to train more troops here …

Tell me what your team is please so we can come by and get a refund :smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


Look for the poor soul with no gold and you may have found me :wink:

He is on Royal Road, farm away.


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