Transform gear element

At this game alot of it is the ability to plan ahead ad prepare to achieve certain goals like what level u like or get a mythic and so on.
One of the pain of this issue is you don’t know what element future mythic dragons will be and unable to prepare for it.
So to solve that issue I would like the possibility to transform gear that is level 1 to other elements.
For example I can claim some mythic gear but I would like to use it on a dragon I don’t have yet and don’t know what its element is if I could transform it that would help alot.

Nope I think merging gear into a better one is more efficient.
Cause in the forge, many of us get epics and rares back to back. Merging them into one is more better.

Or just force them faq’ing announce the element ahead and never faq’ing change after announcing them… even before they even start designing the dragon. :man_shrugging:t2:

so you wanna merge something u can craft from forge into something u can’t? e.g. elites -> mythic?

NO. that kills the pt of playing atlas somewhat. -only somewhat b/c u need to get shards to upgrade em, but not to claim mythic parts if this is the case.

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Or you can limit that it can only be merge until elite.

Why not simply use the same logic of tower transformation for gear?
Let the gear element work like the tower type and the gear level like the tower level.
Rarity can’t be changed, neither can an offense type become a defense type.

Example: Transform a lvl10 elite earth piece into a lvl9 elite fire piece.

You could even implement a minimum of lvl2 gear which then becomes a lvl1 gear of another element so PG can get their taxes (like having minimum lvl10 towers to use the transform option).


I like this idea, but it would be better for PG (and more likely to happen in this case I would imagine) if you could only transform level 10 gear. 9 to 10 requires the most resources, so PG would still maintain some income from it and also requires people to already have invested a good bit into gear. Or you could simply have a base shard cost for each transform

I’m not sure why you would want to give them ideas that are worse for the community than a similar system that already exists. You don’t have to upgrade towers to lvl100 to transform them, so why gear? The cost of towers also goes up and higher tower upgrades cost more, but that should be no reason to lock out all the players with lower level towers/gear.

A couple reasons. If they have more incentive to make a positive change, then they’ll more likely do it. How much incentive is there for PG to make the change as you suggest? Most people only have 3 primary dragons, so you would never need more than that many sets of offensive gear. Currently people need at minimum 6 if they want their latest and greatest dragon to be maximized. So, this change would basically minimize the need for more gear (and shard use) by at least 50%… It’s actually more for those that use dragons of the same element. Also, perhaps only offer this for Elite gear and below.

PG would need a valid incentive for this otherwise it’s not gonna happen. I know the same could have been said for tower transformations, but it’s still different as a gear transformation changes the entire atlas rss ecosystem. Tower transformation was needed and far more beneficial so people could fix their mistakes.

Another thing you’re comparing apples to oranges. Towers are continuously getting more levels added, gear cap is a constant…so requirements for transformation can easily be made to be different, which is acceptable.

Another con for this is, crafting would eventually die, so PG would also likely have to add some kind of “durability” to gear. Like every 100 battles or so you need to spend more shards to retain its strength. When the rider is on a perch the durability loss could be like 20 to 40 battles or something like that.

Don’t get me wrong I like your idea the way it is, but imo PG would never do it that way…I’d love to be proven wrong tho for sure :eyes::sweat_smile::rofl:

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I do understand some of your points and I’m not saying the proposal can’t be adjusted.
For example the drop in levels could be more, like from a lvl10 down to a lvl7.
Other ideas are welcome as well.

I just fail to understand why good ideas from some players are permanently being torpedized by other players. As if your first post which suggested to only offer transformation to a part of the community wasn’t enough, you now come up with durability. Are you serious? It’s like you’re trying to give them more ideas how to ruin this game a shaft the community. What’s wrong with you? :man_facepalming:t3:

Lol, umm in no way should durability (also by durability, I simply mean like a loss in level or a reduction of stats, not the armor “breaking” and providing no benefit or anything to that degree, but just enough to keep some crafting around) be added unless a gear transformation is added. It is one way to fix the fact that gear transformation would kill crafting.

Do you have a solution to avoid killing crafting? I know a couple more things that would fix it, but it would be worse for the game I think.

Not trying to shaft the community at all, just being realistic, I think the benefit to the community of being able to transform gear would far outweigh any negatives to some of the ideas I’ve mentioned.

If done PG will likely lose in the scenario and I know they don’t want to do that but this change would be a great benefit to us.

And nothing is wrong with me lol, is this not a discussion board? Where we discuss ideas and how to make these ideas actually happen and not necessarily just about pipe dreams?

Fine you say transformation will kill crafting but I don’t think that will happen if transformation will only happen if u do it in level 1

If for mythic gear at level 1, I could see this being a nice improvement. No one really loses in this scenario.

Let me put it this way:
You are representing your side and PG the opposite side. You want improvement and they want to suck you dry. Basically like you‘re trying to buy something from a seller and you have 10 bucks. The seller asks for 15, logically you would start at 5 and both of you meet in the middle. Now what I see more and more in this forum is people going in with 12 bucks. Why? Because the seller has to make some money and otherwise you wouldn‘t get it anyway. That‘s a pretty bad position for a trade deal and not sustainable if you keep going negative.

Basically what I feel is that this community is sick. Even many of the GPF argue in this way, like some sort of Stockholm syndrome.
This is not about a pipe dream but about showing them what we want or even deserve after most proposals either get ignored or turned into a money grab.

So back on topic, there is really no need to worry about the PG part. Rest assured they will do their part to bleed us dry. Look at the taxes for tower transformation, it‘s still costly to change your layout so as a strategy game this game still really sucks. They will start to be very creative when it comes to negative consequences of gear transformation.

I really hope for this community to stop sucking up to PG and stand up straight. It got to a point where it‘s beyond embarrassing. Wake up.

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Except you assume this proposition is $5 and not $1.

I’m not sucking up at all, I’m actually quite critical of them.

Does suck to hear in GPF a bunch of sucking up going on, especially considering the exodus this game has had over the past couple years.

I think they should extend breeding And tower discounts further. And somehow we need gold league to be competitive again. But likely need more players for that.

Anyhow OT I think if we stick to the OPs Idea, it’s is PG asking for 5$ and us saying wow that’s exactly what we were thinking. It’s a fair adjustment, and shouldn’t change much in PGs pocketbooks.

For elite and below it doesn’t really change anything, but for mythics it’s great as you won’t have to wait around years for particular gear

Sorry if I went a little overboard with my last post. Although some of your points triggered that it was rather something I felt had to be said, even if most people that should read that will probably miss it.

Anyway, back on topic. I personally would like anything that makes decisions more flexible and less permanent or punishing. I guess whatever helps with that is a step in the right direction. And it would really suck if some people were left out, so I hope it‘s not for mythic only or for max gear only.
This game needs to become much more dynamic, currently everything is stiff. Every move determines the next months or years of your playstyle and it‘s simply not fun anymore.
So whatever they do, let‘s hope they do something and do it fast.

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