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the forum is still in English.
can not we include a translation button like Facebook for example?
It’s hard to read a topic on the forum by switching permanently via google translate.
thank you for your understanding.

@HAWK is an auto translate like this an option for discourse communities or no?

I must be silly but I understand nothing

She tagged someone who could eventually help you with your request :wink:

@TheRedDelilah don’t you mean Discourse instead of Discord? :grin:

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Shhhh. Cold meds make me do stupid things :joy::joy:


Or open the forum in Google Chrome. You can install the translator plugin and it will automatically translate a page for you to whatever you want


I can magic something up for you. :wink:

Go to and choose your preferred language from this dropdown:


@Hawk, I think the OP is actually looking for a "translate that in preferred language button as a add-on from Google translate…

Like this. An auto-translate button directly giving a litteral translation from Google translate or similar.

Not sure I fully understand what you mean, but wouldn’t changing their interface language have the same outcome?

Changing the locale will translate the entire interface.

Edit: Oh! It won’t change the post body.

Sorry… can’t help you there.

You won’t be able to change the contents of comments even if you change the interface. You can only change the interface from what you explain.

What we mean is that :

"Bonjour j’ai un souci dans le forum… " (Content that is not interface)

:arrow_right: [Translate button (French) :arrow_right: (English)]

:arrow_right:"Hello I have an issue in the forum…"

Thanks anyway Hawk. I suppose a browser add on will have to do.

What is your preferred language?

I Would like that it’s translater in french😋

Thank you. It’s good for me👍

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