Translation button

This game is great except for one thing. We could really use a translation button. It’s difficult to communicate within the league if we can’t understand each other.

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Unless there is an API call to something existing this would take quite a bit of coding to accomplish. Even then Google translate has issues.

Try using emoticons to communicate

:flight_departure: for “fly”

:shallow_pan_of_food: for food, etc…

Ok but I know Game of War and Vikings both have in game translation options. Why can’t Wait Dragons?

I think this will load the server. If I could embed the interpreter in the client (to adapt to the device memory and associate it with the text in the game). My dreams :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I don’t know anything about coding but I do know that it’s not impossible to do.

Yeah, so it’s just a dream. Maybe PG will eventually make an interpreter for us. Let’s hope.

I just want a chip implanted in my brain to translate all written and spoken language into one I understand. Hasn’t someone invented those yet?


The answer is in your typo :man_shrugging:t3:


Me too! The only place those have been invented currently sadly is in books and movies,

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Yea. You’re telling me. I know I’m not the only person to bring this topic up.

The game dies not even have copy / paste option in chat or messages…so you can’t transfer messages to google translator. It’s a real glitch…and causes tensions in teams. Using emoticons no good , either, because they mean different things to different cultures.

And always wear your glasses.
I confused :point_up_2: With :fu:and accidentally offended my team mates! :rofl::joy::rofl:


You can copy and paste into the mails on iOS. You can even paste a copied message into the chats. You just can’t copy chats that have already been posted. Makes it annoying trying to type the stuff into google translate when it has weird characters. Or worse, non-latin characters.

Or is spelled wrong

Or if they use shorthand and slang

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Star Trek technology is here peeps

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That’s cool but ear buds are so 20th Century. Also, I can’t translate Arabic or Japanese or words from who knows how many other written languages into sounds, so those won’t help me in WD LC. :cry:

Or you can use a third party translate software. Plus consider learning a new language by yourself
Putting a dictionary of all language in would make the game extremely heavier and reduce the performance

Again other games like War Dragons have it and it doesn’t reduce performance on them.