Translation of dragonnames



this is only about the german version of wd!

pls do not translate the names of the dragons to german!

  1. it sounds terrible! the english name is so much better
    for example: sage-> weisser
    ember -> glut
  2. it is really confusing.
    you translated khrysos ( gold warrior) with „sekoronos“ and named the sourcer, which is in the english version sekoronos, „Meliolein“
    so the 4 leg. gold dragons are:
    consurgens -> morgenröte
    khysos -> sekononos
    sekoronos -> meliolein
    whalegnawer -> chthoteuthis ( i have no idea how to pronounce that!)

so please leave the english names for the dragons :slight_smile:
and explain me why u translated a few names

Dragon names german version

Agreed. They do this in French & Spanish as well. Makes coordination with teammates difficult if you haven’t noticed it.


If the dragons will have only one name, it will make things much easier.


I agree as well completely, also most of information / documentation is written in English.
so it absolutely confusing.


También en español. Los nombres deberían permanecer como originalmente fueron colocados. No los cambien a otros idiomas por valor! Gracias


My game is in English from the start, though my first language is French. I speak both language fairly well. I almost choked on my own saliva when I changed my game language in French.

Whalegnawer = Mangebaleine… (Choke cough cough…) This is horrible… My eyes are bleeding…

And the issue of Sekoronos and and Khrysos is also very weird, I think I might have sent a ticket about i a few months ago…


It definitely looks like we have plenty of support for this. I’ll advise the team to use unlocalized dragon names.


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