Translator in game and messages

Hi all,
I would like to speak with everybody in chat and inbox, not just English speaking, WD doesn’t have one :confounded: What do you use???


I used to use emojis but they broke…



get Google translate, go to settings and then tap to translate. I miss just using emojis though :cry:

I can’t seem to copy and paste text in chats or e-mails. Beyond coordinates at least. Probably a Droid thing

Yeah, my Moto can copy and paste fine.

I think it would be phenomenal if there was an in-game translator so that you didn’t have to close out, pull up an app/website, try to translate, get back in the game, wait for it to load and then try to paste your response. It’s even worse when you get Arabic speakers. My guys speak multiple languages so we tend to do well enough, but when an Arabic, Chinese, Japanese or even Korean person joins and tries to communicate it goes downhill quick and Google translate is not the best translator out there.

I, also, think it would be great if PG made it possible for us to at least and paste in the chat rooms to better communicate.

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Hopefully DV’s can fix this for us and we can enjoy having mixed teams…

A lot of mobile games have in-game translators based on your preferred language settings. So its not something that can’t be done.
There are also translator apps that you can use by selecting “open in pop up view” if you have android. It opens a small window w the app while your game plays in the back.

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