Trapped in other team zone


Hi - I’m currently trapped in another teams zone. I’ve texted support for help and they have told me it is just a blockade. But I have spoken to their leader and he is unsure what to do and has said he has provided safe passage, as well as shown me where their portal is which I cannot use. We both want me out but I’m just camping at one of their bases. Each time I try to move outside of the zone, I get a notice saying “failed to load waypoint, cannot set up path” If I could get instructions on how to get out or give instructions to their leader how to get out it would be appreciated.


@PGDave @pgEcho Vagar’s trapped in another team’s region.


Could you tell me how you got to that region to begin with?


Let’s call it “learning by experimentation”…


Called for an Uber


I walked in and attacked a poacher on my way back from gathering troops at an old home. When I tried to leave next day I was stuck.


Old home was breatin - 3 . Right underneath.


Any idea how to get out? @pgEcho


Free passages are valid only if set before you arrive.
Once you are blocked you have to wait.

When you set a route, and there’s a block, you should have a warning about a blockade, so just click no:wink:


Odd I never had the blockade message. I’ll just have to wait until Tuesday I suppose


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Blockades are normally about 4-5 hours(depending on forts level)… if you’ve been there longer, it’s possible that you have to try setting route to another place.


He’s been there for days. The issue is that the zone “owned” is in the new expansion which should not have been open in the first place.


There is/was a glitch in atlas as for which somehow a primarch, when you click the icon, shows up in place different (sometimes in gustav’s therefore still not ownabke) from its actual. You need to remember where u really were, and move from there, setting a path close to the real position, to unlock.
I’m not sure if this is the case.

I looked in map couple mins ago and I don’t see a primarch in that island that is not of the team owning it.


That area should not have been open to claiming. Period. It’s in the expansion area and I have no idea why PeaceAndLove, a beta team, could claim it.

He is there and you can clearly see there is no “path” out. He cannot move and needs to be forced out @PGEcho


You’re right m, there was another zone in beta area named Hefus too so I was mislead.

I found the zone in the map
Perhaps this can help @pgEcho figure out


Thanks for trying to help out everyone. Waiting on @pgEcho to see if there is some other way out or a way I can be sent back to a neutral area. When I went into the area in the first place, there was no highlighted blue border. I was kind of learning atlas and didn’t realize this wasn’t part of the zone I should be in. Lesson learned.


I’ve moved your to a random neutral region.


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