Trapper Cooldown

Anyone know how long the cooldown on the trap ability lasts? After trapping one primarch how long before we can renew the trap or trap another prim.

I checked in Zamis vault, but it only shows trap duration for each level of trapper. Not the cooldown on ability. Also will the cooldown time vary depending on prim level and troops loaded like the trap duration?


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IIRC cooldown is 5 minutes for all trappers and does not vary.


Yep cooldown is static. And the cooldown starts when you use trap, not when it ends, so it is possible to have it off cooldown before the trap even ends.


Everyone should read this 15 times and commit it to memory, lest further threads appear with accusations of the use of trapbots. This dumb mechanic means that a prim can be trapped forever, as long as the trapper has enough troops to trap for longer than the 5 minute cooldown (and the player doing the trapping has a lot of time on their hands).


So 5 minutes is the trap cooldown. Thanks guys… Couldn’t find that info anywhere

Yep, or until the trapped player breaks the trap by hitting the trapper.

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