Trapper glory issue

It’s really hard to get glory for levelling with defensive primarchs (trapper, taunter). Especially with trappers. People always need to do glory swaps, which is against the idea of the game. What if attacking with trapper would give more glory? I am talking about the glory on the trapper itself to level up, the one we get the chests with, stays the same

edit: well or simply reduce the levels lol


If trapper would again more attack would become an OP primarch . It has crazy def stats and you giving him attk power . No bueno

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This would still benefit swapping more. They would just have their trapper attack a sieger and than do the same back so that the trapper for both swap partners gets massive glory quickly.

If your team doesn’t organize T2 cg swaps or swaps with players, you need to hit castles.

  1. Find 100% glory targets with low troop counts on T2
  2. Load enough troops to hit castleguards

Glory ratio isn’t perfect but 5 flames gets you the good revive rate.

Another approach is to look for low level taunters or siegers to hit while glory hunting. Your trap let’s you bypass 1 taunter. Take advantage of favorable match ups by attacking with your trapper.

If already said before that defense glory is crap and should be changed. A successful defense should be based on the troops the attacker loses, not on what the defense prime loses. So if attacked fails and loses 10k then that defending trapper should get max glory, not the 2-3k it normally does. It would make defending more fun and probably reduce the desire to counter snipe.


Sometimes, actually most of the time, I suggest something, but more importantly want to hear the others’ opinions and generally can find a better way in there. Thanks for your no :man_shrugging:t2:

So you say the beat way is to be in part of more swaps, I guess I’ve already complained about this situation in the thread. For the other informations, I hope you didn’t think that I even don’t know what the trapper’s ability, but good infos for beginners :sweat_smile:

@WarpedMalice True true, any suggestion? I actually find @Dashyt post pretty useful about the situation

Suggestions are always welcomed , reassessing possible results is just rational feedback . I dont think you mind that right ?

I really don’t know the best ways to do something I just can see the faults in suggestions and can point them out. :sweat_smile:

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