Trapper/Taunter killing sieger


I’m curious since it happens a lot lately, trapper against sieger, mostly from big guys. Do they desperately need gp because no one atk them or they’re just dumb about how gp work? My friend told me since they killed more troops on sieger, they get many gp anyway.
Thanks for the clarification :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: happens frequently at aligane


if my trapper has been enfeebled, i’ll use it to kill off a sieger. the attack rating is higher than the defense of the sieger and i figure i’m about to get killed anyways!


Fastest way to level a trapper. Nothing wrong with it. In fact I’m surprised not more are doing it.


It’s not a dumb thing. Basically anything hitting a sieger is fine, haha. They are actually getting a good glory ratio. It’s the people bringing a sieger to NML who are dumb :joy:


SSSSSHHHHH!!! :shushing_face:


:roll_eyes: I wonder why my trapper got attacked by another trapper, in 5* NML…
Anyone knows other 5* NML besides Nought and 3 around it?


Same reason why people load up siegers with full troops and throw them into NML :joy: they’re dumb


Was a reply to orca ^ not to OP

OP; fast way to level taunter or trapper and you get better glory cuz you lose a little more troops


Nothing better than your trapper being attacked by another trapper. And they 5 flame you. And they lose 7.5k troops. And you lose like 3k. :rofl:


Hahaha kk i brought 3k on sieger usually. I rather killed myself after one atk rather than get killed by tilter omegalul


Happens all the time.


Something weird just happened. My sieger has been wiped out and i’ve received a noti, 2 dudes trying to atk my dead sieger. I thought nothing will happen and i’ve summoned my sieger again and loaded with another 3k. A moment later my sieger was dead again because of the 2 attacks before…


i think if you just wait like 3 or 5 min for those battle over then resummon, your sieger wouldnt die again


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