Travel Path is gone


I’m not sure if it’s my system or not but my travel paths (blue/red/green) are completely gone after the update. I’m traveling blind at the moment. Can’t see where i’m headed unless I preset the destination first then go away until the traveling is done.
I’m on Android system. Not sure if its OS related or not @PGDave please take a look at this

Path & Poacher glitch

Android issue I think, IOS is fine


It was disabled temporarily on Android until Android-specific performance issues can be worked out. Our lead 3D engineer is working on figuring this out (amongst the other performance issues affecting both platforms).


Thank you for your response.


Are there any ETA on this? It’s kinda hard to fly blind you know :grin:


They should be back for Android in next month’s major release!

I want eqaulity! *Equality

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