Travel Speed for different Prims

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I’m working on a spreadsheet to calculate travel time between castles and/or x/y coordinates. Calculating the distance between two points isn’t the problem. But converting this to a travel time is a bit of a struggle.

On one of the current release notes, there was a formula mention (Z = (D / Y) + 1 (Max speed bonus = 2x)) to calculate a speed bonus. Got that, but …

What I’m missing is the Base speed of a prim. Or am I just to stupid to find the answer ingame? We have several stats for the prims (Power/Troops etc,), but none of them is about the speed. Or am I missing something?

Any help/hint would be very much appreciated :+1:

interesting, i am pretty sure there were speed stat in game. Just went to game, to make you a screen shot and… couldn’t find it anymore. They had to remove/hide it with those ‘great’ UI atlas improvements though.

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I’m glad I didn’t saw any ghosts :ghost::ghost::ghost:
I was sure as well that we had this stats in the game at some point

It was removed before that - when beasts were introduced, if I’m not mistaken. At that point the Hunter Power appeared, but Speed gone.

i am pretty sure i saw that speed stat, and when i started playing beasts were already in atlas. so i would say it must be some recent change

The following screenshot was made in April 25 (sorry, it is not in English, but I can assure, no speed there). The speed is not there at least 3.5 months.

good to know, well i started playing in late December '2018. so i would say that in jan/feb it was there somewhere.

i think i was able to see it from the details, when looking on castle prims. they changed that view completely now.

Hi @mogi, the below table should help you hopefully!

Level 1 Stats Max Level Stats + per Level
Tier Class Speed Speed Speed
Bronze 1 Fighter 120 150 3
Bronze 2 Destroyer 110 140 2
Trapper 250 400 11
Taunter 80 110 2
Sieger 70 100 2
Silver 1 Destroyer 140 175 2
Trapper 315 500 10
Taunter 100 140 2
Sieger 90 125 2
Silver 2 Destroyer 140 175 1
Trapper 315 500 8
Taunter 100 140 2
Sieger 90 125 1



Thanks a lot😊 @PGSqurl
Exactly what I was looking for😍

Now I just have to f out how to convert this to travel time😁. But that’s the fun part

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