Treasure Hunt-Bronze Chest 1 min timer payout-Platinum 1


I noticed with the start of this treasure hunt. I’ve been poping stacks of 20, 1 minute timers. Out of bronze chests. Really not understandable. It’s KoTH, so now all of the sudden. A new item is included in the payout of bronze chests. I’ve personally never rolled 20, 1 min timers in platinum 1 before today. My question is. With all the offensive/defensive items included in this pvp event. Why include something near to worthless, and give it such a high probability of payout? Youre not exactly giving players much incentive to reach higher leagues.


The drop is a fixed % no matter what league you are in. We complained about this before but PG didnt care enough to change the rate


I know. However, it doesn’t change the fact that they’ve just decided to introduce the stacks of 1 min timers this event. They have the option to increase/decrease probabilities on item rolls, but introducing a new item that wasn’t previously obtainable from bronze chests? Not in Platinum 1 anyway.

Chest roll Probabilities are not “fixed”. They change them constantly. For example. What’s the probability on getting “wood barricades” outside of KoTH? 0? I’d hope so.


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