Treasure Hunt Has Started?

I’m getting chest drops from runs but there is no event icon. I’m hoping that Temple Raid isn’t getting glitchy.

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What’s the deal?

Remember last event… there is NEVER a problem with event going live and the icon… :roll_eyes: /s

However we do know that they can turn “chest drop” on whenever they want. They turned it on last week before the event truly went live.

That’s happened a few events for me, both before the event started and after the event finished. I think it’s independent…

Eh, it’s about 38 minutes til the icon should appear. I mean, I’m not complaining about an hour and a half more of treasure run…it just does not bode well for no glitches with Temple Raid. Lol

If they turned it on as a courtesy, you’d think they would announce it so players could feel gratitude for it :woman_shrugging:t2:.

But, whatever. I’m just keeping my fingers crossed at this point :joy:

Got in 30 chests out of that time lol

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