Treasure hunt improvement suggestion

Here’s an idea for the treasure hunt period. Have double- triple chests drops during that time frame only before the actual event. Several members of my team and I both feel the treasure hunt is a joke! It would be nice to feel like the treasure hunt event was actually worth the effort by itself. I realize this topic has been brought many times in the past, but thought it wouldn’t hurt to voice my opinion too!




Yass please! Gimeh da farm!

While you’re at it, can we differentiate with chest drops. The bigger the lvl difference is the higher the droprates gets? Attack as high as you can to get the best drops? If the difference is anywhere near noticeable it might be an incentive for people to learn how to fly better?

Edit: in hindsight, lvl would t mean much as you can make high lvl but easily killable farming bases. Defense rating perhaps?

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It’s already done, scaling drops by ratio of AP v DP. Somehow.

It’s just that they nerf lower, not buff higher

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And maybe get gold chest drops more often? I got one once…


Really? Fascinating. Is it a big difference? I’ve never really noticed it.

Have you never played Gauntlet before? The scaling is the reason you don’t get any chests from all the pve bases.

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I have, just didn’t know it was caused by this mechanism. Kinda lame as you don’t really have an option during Gauntlet to hit higher during big parts of the event.

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It’s whether you get an item or not (from all destructibles).
If it is, 15/81 will be bronze chests (from monuments)

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Treasure hunt as it today its pathetic and close to useless.

Treasure hunt shoud be fun and a day off from event and hunt / farm chest to get some IF end energy packs witch need increases drop rate to


I find I get more chests during the previous event to the pvp or maybe it seems so. I’ve also heard rumours about cleaning your den whereby you take all consumables off your den dragons which is quite a chore but never seen much result. I think as soon as you enter a base it gives a value of chests it will drop which is why you get better drops from longer bases, so make sure you kill all of the monuments except for invaders just quit after island three, ie, 70-74% because there are no towers that will drop chests after that: as well as what mech said, in other words these high lvl farm bases don’t drop anything because without attack towers they have maybe at the most a def of a couple million.

I don’t know if there are any drop percentages, but it would be enough to double that % during Treasure Hunt Phase so as to entice players to “participate”

Incentive for treasure hunt phase.

Drop rates are 200%
All chests are now gold chests



This could be asking for too-much but one or the other would be nice.
All - Gold chests seems a bit too-far stretched.

Fixed :upside_down_face:


I don’t think it would be too much of a stretch to double the bronze chest drops during the treasure hunt phase…

Never gonna happen.

Cuz it’ll ruin the economy?.. It’s a wreck already.

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Too much free stuff makes peeps quit?

Not to mention a certain company feels like giving stuff away is theft when players could buy it instead.

450 sigils for £10 anyone?

Ummmmm, nope

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