Treasure hunt is boring imho

Wouldn’t it be more fun to start pvp right away and increase the amount of IF and energy one can get during the event? I would also suggest adding IF and Energy chests in the Silver chests throughout all events of the season, making it more valuable to find. As of now, finding silver chests is boring…IMHO


Silver chests are not boring, just almoss useless. Their contents are somewhat disappointing… However we can’t deny the fact that if they drop, they’re free… And we all know about the saying about the gift horse, don’t we?

But scaling the chest contents is a different story. Treasure Hunt is basically a day when chests drop, but we can still chill. Still much better than any given Tuesday if you ask anyone but me because I don’t give a damn :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Why not include event specific drops from monuments instead of trying to change chests?


We do NOT need ANOTHER day of pvp… usually by the second day I’m ready to lay down and die and on some of them on the very FIRST day!!

This isn’t because I dislike pvp it’s because pg has yet to come out with one that’s engaging enough for 4 days that’s also not a huge money grab

(Even temple raid which is my fav gets old quick once you’ve conquered the middle island, which is within 24 hours typically)


I for one do not want another day of PvP. The cake is a lie, I mean treasure hunt is a lie. I do my XP/gold runs, etc just like any other day and maybe 1 or 2 inner fire show up. The problem is that PG bills the event as something useful or exciting when its same-same.

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Treasure hunt IS boring, yes. And chest drops are too small to keep up with increasing costs. So:

A) Remove Treasure Hunt
B) Allow chests to drop 7 days/week
C) Cut one day out of the resource events, so they start the same time as the real PvP
D) Introduce mini-events in the “downtime” between events (e.g. double XP day, free heals day, etc.)


You can take a gift horse to water, but you can’t drown it.


That is exactly what I was suggesting, thanks for clarifying!

I’m not sure that’s how that saying goes …

PETA frowns at you.:roll_eyes:

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Couldn’t agree more.

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I personally like the break…


The 250% token boost is still active! I don’t have to farm XP, gold, cook troops, request resources from anyone, hunt for treasure, worry about getting hit for perma death troop loss and more. Let Apple take another few hours or even days to get it done. :smile:

Would be more boring tbh

I do think it would be nice to be able to get more in the event. I think the easiest way to do it in terms of coding, not that I know squat about it, would be to just increase the amount of inners and energy packs you get in prizes in personal achievements. Personally…when I get a new achievement it doesn’t feel like much of an achievement as it makes me wonder why I just spent 4 hours grinding for 500 rubies, 1 12hr speedup, and 3 inner fires. Why not make prizes WORTH all the time and money we spend grinding? Feel like more people would be willing to work for it (or pay for it).

Don’t find them boring, just absolutely useless as no one needs common evasions or ballista resist. Unless your Drude doesn’t have runes yet…which if he doesn’t, he definitely should be a priority. Drude OP.


No the events are to long as it is. Don’t need them adding more days to them

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For Kingdom Wars, this pretty much happens for me when I read the forum post on Monday.


Gods no, PvP is long enough as it is, especially Crap Wars and Money Pits. What would be nice is if they actually increased the chest drop rates so people were able to collect chests during this time which is supposed to be the point. Temple Raid as great chest drop rates but the rest are pretty poor outside of event attacks

Surely u can if u try hard enough!

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