Treasure Hunt Time Start

Hi! What time does PG start the treasure hunt phase in their time zone? Can you change teams during that phase? @PGJared

Usually around 2PM central.

Forgot Day Light Savings time so maybe 3PM central.

Treasure hunt counts as part of the pvp so you’re locked into the team your on in terms of quests and participation. If you’re going to change teams then it needs to be done before treasure hunt

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Nope cant change teams :laughing:

I may be misremembering, but I don’t think event times change due to DST… so 4PM CST still? PVP throws me off, but I think the battle phase starts at 2PM CST, while the treasure hunt phase typically starts at “normal” event time of 4. But like I said, I might be misremembering…


We usually aim to have our events go live at 2pm PT on Wednesdays. This includes the treasure hunt phase.

As for changing teams during the treasure hunt phase, you can technically change teams during this phase, but we discourage it since you wouldn’t be able to participate/contribute to your new team.


Yeah, last PvP seem like it started a different time than normal…

For europe, it’s likely 2200 CET, because summer time hasn’t gone in here yet.

Thanks everyone! Appreciate it!

21:00 GMT for tresure hunt start time (as also all event start time) :batle phase start 2h earllier that that the next day

As for war no time change : it remaind at 00:00 GMT

Event follow the change of time for daylight of the USA

Also there’s a bug still that has the chance of making a random member on the team ineligible for the event.


Yep and ticking them off and losing the discount week

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