Treasure Hunt with no Treasure!

I just did 10 chest runs and got NO chests! That’s not a treasure hunt – that’s just meaningless grinding.

Please up the bronze chest drop rate during the treasure hunt phase of the season.

Maybe make it higher if other players join the attack. That would build team solidarity which keeps players engaged so they will spend more money and keep PG in business!

If you’re a higher level and hitting way below your level you won’t really get chest. Hope that was the case and you find a better chest farm, happy flying!

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People have been asking for this for a long time now. I don’t even bother anymore the pickings are so slim.

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10 runs is not enough of a threshold to judge this sort of matter. Your number needs to be much higher.

Similarly, I just completed my own procession of chest runs. These are the results!

  1. 1 chest
  2. 1 chest
  3. 4 chests
  4. 1 chest
  5. 1 chest
  6. 2 chests
  7. 1 chest
  8. 2 chests
  9. 0 chests
  10. 3 chests

Added up, these come to a grand total of 16 chests. Considering that the average is about 1.5 chests per run, I landed at an above-average result. In conclusion, chest drops seem to be fine.


Every time I see a topic about this I expect Malik to appear. Then I remember :sweat_smile:

They had said it was something they could easily do and then nothing ever happened with it. I do not even bother grinding for chests anymore, I’ll get what I need playing the events. I’ve always found chest drops to be much lower outside of event attacks during pvps


Rest in peace Malik :joy::joy::joy: wherever he is. @MALIK

He’s still on a team, but his forum tongue was cut out. However, WDscripts says he’s inactive, so maybe done with game too.


He was banned / suspended months ago

That’s just how monument drop sequences work in and out of events out of events the drops rates vary and sequenced in an even more confusing way that I have no information on including the chest sequence drops. Due to Fight Pits gamble though I am forcing myself too grind mass amounts of chests to make up for the tragic losses I faces especially for a first event, heck I might even torture myself with more basic attacks again like the old days.

Malik’s soul is still watching us

I think originally they removed chests from hitting up as too many whales bitched about folk hitting up by sanding big bases.

Best to hit about your den/dragon level or so the rumour goes anyway.

Yea Malik had many many runs logged like thousands upon thousands and offered many times to players to join chats and parties to gain chests. A pain in the establishments ass gone but a huge loss for the game.

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I never knew about hitting up giving more! So that’s not a thing now haha I can’t go farm 580 and get more chest!?

Not sure we will ever know for certain.

I had more success when following Malik s advice when trying to farm chests.

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I’m pretty sure he’s literally giving up the game right about now

Man what has become of pg why must they listen to such babies? In all honesty they should listen to people who actually know how to play the game and know it’s ins and outs

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