Troop building and Revives

With the Silver II Primes… and that being scaled up.

Shouldn’t the troop building and amount we can revive scale too?

I’ve already seen 1 Taunter with 225,000 troops on it.
Seems it’s time to increase the amounts we can build and revive too!

Who can afford to wander around and risk over 100K permanent troop loss?


Apparently those with 5-6-7-8-9-10 Million troops already :man_shrugging:t3:

I wish the hospital was 3x bigger :smiley:


Even those of us at a lower level wish it was bigger.
It would be nice to be able to use the horns to revive troops.

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But you already can?


Not that I see. The slider is maxed out without using horns.

If you have enough hats to revive the max, why would you want to use bullhorns?

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Because you have you hats maxed at the moment.
Try to revive more troops right after that, and you will be asked for horns.

Max isn’t all of the troops, just what you can revive with the farmers you currently have.

Thanks. Never thought of that.
Learn something new all the time.

No it’s not, max is always 8000 (with elite)

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It is also 8000 without elite. But you can fully utilize it without horns only with elite. Without elite you can have 8k hats, so can res only 4k troops.


Thanks, wasn’t sure if the max changed with elite, it’s been a while since I went without :joy:

I would take monthly elite, or permanent, if there will be a button like “collect gold” from mines / beasts, without a need to fly again and again and again and … ok, you got it :joy:
I would even agree to have not 100% in this case and sacrifice xp to save time and avoid those monotonous flights. They are exhausting.

I don’t know how anyone can do without Atlas Elite. Bad enough getting gold with an Elite account.
I tried to do without the Elite…once. Bought the monthly elite right after that.
And yes, even with horns, 8k troops is that max you can use to revive troops with an elite account.

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