Troop Building slider, horns & hats

The whole system is designed in a way that it’s confusing and costly… and I’m not certain why that is?
Sure we can say it’s a way to generate income from people who aren’t “careful” but as a business…
product A = cost A
You sell it to all customers for the same price.
You could give coupons or discounts which make sense.

However, this system doesn’t work like that.

It’s based on having to do extra math having hats & horns and gold + maybe rubies and the math changes with each “purchase”

800k gold = 800 troops as a baseline (no hats? Use 2 horns)

If you build 800 troops:
800k gold = 800 troops = 2 horns

If you build 801 troops:
800k gold = 801 troops = 3 horns!!!

So by going 1 over the limit you lose a horn and 399 troops (possibly)

Why would this even be allowed? The slider should stop or tick at the amounts of actual cost.

Why would you want to intentionally “short change”

Even the wording on the packs seems to be misleading!

90 horns for 360,000 farmers!!!
(really only means 4000 troops (possibly!)

Used to be able to buy:
11 instant summons for $99.99
Which is 11,000 troops.

So… all that said… does anyone else think this should be corrected from a consumer stand point?
Or is it just buyer beware and let the idiots figure it out while losing out?

Not trying to be negative just trying to sort this out…
Because it feels shady. Maybe, I’m missing something?


Definitely annoying to try and figure out the cutoff point from one horn to the next…
The language on the packs say “up to” 360,000 farmers or whatever. What’s not clear is the increased cost in horn once u pass a certain threshold for th day…it’s 400 troops per horn to start but once you have built 10k for the day the horns start producing less troops…the more u build a real less they produce.

I think it’s unnecessarily complicated…horns should produce the same amount of troops, the slider should tick by horns once they are needed.


Then I’m not “crazy” and not the only one thinking this seems off.

I agree. It’s way too difficult to use horns. There ought to be a way to just tap a button to say “use horn” and add 1 horn for the max troops for that horn, tap it again to add another horn, etc…
Instead of trying to move the slider back and forth to find where it changes from one horn to two so you can find the optimal amount… it’s crazy.

While you wait for PG to provide an update, try keying.
When you load, if you have enough hats to build x amount of troops, increase the hundreds column by multiples of 400. Or if reviving, change the first number to 2000 or 4000 higher.

I do this all the time, if I can revive 2,345 troops, and I want to use a bullhorn, I edit the 2 to a 4, and build 4,345 for exactly 1 bullhorn. I don’t touch the slider.

ProTip: If you use the slider and bullhorns up to build/revive max (5000), the difference in Hats will not be debited from your current stock. e.g. if you have 8000 hats, and use the slider and 1 bullhorn to revive 5000 troops, you’ll be left with 2000 hats in stock.

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That only works until u have built X amount of troops with bullhorns for the day…then each bullhorn starts providing less then 400 troops built (or less then 2k troops revived), and incrementally decreases the more troops u build

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I didn’t know that :+1:

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