Troop going to Primarch

My troop go straight to the Primarch instead of the baricks. What do I have to do to stop this?

Don’t have any primarchs at your home castle. Move them to another neutral castle or something.


Move your Primach off of your home castle when collecting your troops.


To be fair, it’d be nice if the tutorial explained that :laughing: That would have been nice to know from the get go lol


There are a lot of things that would be nice to be explained lol.

Be thankful for the 2 weeks to get yourself situated and learn some of these nuances of the game before being thrown into the massive land grab activities :joy:

I’m sure the new team will help explain things :sweat_smile: For now it’s build troops like crazy.

It’s been a real treat every time so far.

I wish it were done differently. :man_shrugging:

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Be sure you’re getting glory. Your gonna need it to have guards to put at any castle you take.

And get rid of the fighter as soon as possible. The destroyer is so much better. Get that and as much glory as you can while gold is not a huge limiting factor (or hat regen).

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I said new team. They are already fairly established in Atlas. Sadly things didn’t work out with my old one.

Oh, definitely. TBH the in game tutorial available for new Atlas players has improved markedly, but there’s so much to absorb, hard to cover everything.

Listen to Savage tho, take advantage of the abundant gold and hat regen while you have it, and get that fighter to lvl 5 so you can get the destroyer going.

I guess I know what I’m doing over the weekend :laughing:

Server quirks and latency are the best ways to parcel out new lands imo.


It’s “worked” every time so far.

Thank goodness for that emulator I run on a VM in AWS.

(sadly, jk)


to be honest the auto transfer to prime thing is really dumb.

there should be a way to do it without always moving your current prime off your base.

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Used to be like that. But every update we get new things instead of fixing broken stuff😂

The intended mechanic is to have people using full primarchs. So they are unlikely to help you avoid doing that. They just also won’t prevent it.

At least that’s how I see it.

Yeah. Once you have a Trapper, which you should keep full, even if you have two primes, just be sure the Trapper is selected as the active prime, and the troops will go to the Trapper until it is full. After that, even with other primes sitting on your home, they will go to the Barracks.

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