Troop Hat Replenishment Rate

How many minutes exactly does it take for troop hats to replenish? It says 2880 an hour, but I am unsure what that would actually be in total hours and minutes, as 2880 does not even out with 8000 (this is why I hate numbers that don’t proportionately add up; not criticizing PG’s decision, just saying).

Personally, I go to train troops in 3-hour intervals, but I do want to optimize that process as best as I can, and I cannot seem to calculate the troop hat replenishment time. A bit of help would be greatly appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:


8000 hats / 2880 hats per hour = 2.7777777777 hours
2.7777777777 hours * 60 minute per hour = 166.66666666666 minutes
2 hours and 46 minutes and 40 seconds


About 8000 / 2880 hours. So 2.778 hours. Or 2h46m40s.


Okay, thank you both. @moderators this thread can be closed now please :slightly_smiling_face:

As you wish