Troop mobilization

I would like to suggest that we be given the ability to move troops around to suit our needs. We work hard to build troops and I just think they shouldn’t be strapped to a prim one their placed. It’s silly to have to spend 10 minutes using a work around summoning fighters over siegers and distributing from there, you all know the drill. Just say’n.


Yes, mind boggling they haven’t done this already. Also, just make troops that have finished training always go into your barracks.


Both of those things would be a terrific for QOL. I don’t think anyone would have any negative comments about PG spending time on it either.


:joy: you would be amazed.

I agree though, both the ability to move troops back to barracks directly, and always sending new troops to barracks are very much needed.


I’m an optimist :woman_shrugging:

At this point I’d settle for being able to transfer troops off my primarch that’s been “under attack” for 72 hours now


We had a member with same issue… I think he had to purposely kill that prim off to correct it. :man_facepalming:t2:

I’ve had the same issue. Could transfer troops to my prim from barracks, but cannot transfer troops to or from other prims.

Killed the prim off, and it’s still happening :cry:

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