Troop number glitch

I can’t find a recent post on this but I’m noticing that troop numbers are showing incorrectly on castle view in Atlas.

Anyone else getting this?

Sometimes it does it to me too, it happens when the details of the castle are still being loaded

It’s been doing it to me more often now. I have to exit out and come back to atlas a few times for it to resolve itself, until the next one.
The above is annoying, but not as maddening as arriving at the castle and the attack option won’t show, to resolve this I have to exit atlas… nope, reload game … works sometimes, sacrifice some lambs, some virgins while you are at it, stand on one hand and put one foot on your head … ahhh it finally works… and shoot they got me first.

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I get it all the time. It’s so annoying. Way more frequently in the last couple of weeks. I never had it before

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Was this what was being fixed? I hope not because it isn’t.

Still can’t see troops numbers or teams on passage

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